Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work?

If the LOA works why so many people are studying the law of attraction, and they are trying to apply it, but they would fail, or they would achieve only a part of their goals? What is the law of attraction?

There are several reasons for that. Not taking action could be one of the reasons, which wouldn’t be discussed in this article, read Taking action starts the manifestation process. The way how you apply the law of attraction might be another reason, read Practicing the law of attraction. Another important reason is the question, whether you can master your imaginations, thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Actually, many people might think that they are totally free to imagine whatever they want.

Are we free to imagine whatever we want?

If we are free to imagine the life of our dreams, then we can simply do that and according to the law of attraction, the results must show up. It is important to understand that there are previous information, skills and habits in our minds, which have been stored from our childhood until now. That part of the mind which saves information calls the subconscious mind.

When you try to imagine something that conflicts with the information which has been stored in your subconscious mind then you would face an internal resistance. You would get a negative feeling about it even when you want and love that consciously.

When you grow up with people of your society, you share many beliefs and information with them like religion, culture, tradition, language and many others. The information you get from a trusted source like your parents, teachers and leaders while you are a child would be stored into your subconscious mind. When that happens, you will accept these ideas as the truth.

The subconscious mind serves us a lot by providing us so much important information at the moment when we need. Unfortunately, our subconscious mind also stores information, which could be against our wishes and desires.

When the conflict starts between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the conscious mind mostly surrenders. That is because the power of the subconscious mind is dominant and much greater! Read also Access to your subconscious mind power.  If you grew up with a gloomy opinion about rich people and money, then you would unfortunately need months or even years to remove that idea from your subconscious mind. As long as the uncooperative opinion about money and wealthy people exists in your SM, your own subconscious mind uses its dominant power to prevent you from being rich.

Do you know that there are people in the world who feel ashamed of being rich, but they don’t mind being poor and work for wealthy people?! Of course, not everyone dreams to be rich but when you try to attract anything by applying the LOA then the law will give you the opportunities to have that, but it is up to your own subconscious mind, whether you receive it or not.

Let the great power of your subconscious mind serve you by understanding it! Change your life by changing your unsupportive habits! Achieve your goals by removing negative opinion from your SM, which don’t serve you. You are much greater than merely a SM! Your subconscious mind is not you; it is only part of you.

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