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Why God’s Punishment Doesn’t Make Sense?

If this universe doesn’t have a designer, then we only need to understand its laws to make our lives and the lives of other species better. If there is a designer of this universe as some religions claim, does he have rights to punish anyone? Religions claim that god judges, punishes or rewards people for their actions during their lives.


The truth is that, if there was any meeting with god, human beings would have an endless discussion with him. There are many uncontrolled circumstances through which humans experience during their lives. You come to this world as a baby and you will be programmed subconsciously to believe in what your culture and parents believe. If they are wrong, then it will take months or even years to reprogram your mind. That is at least if you ever get the chance to discover that they were wrong, and understand how your subconscious mind is programmed. If you never discover the rules of the subconscious mind programming, you will live your entire life with those false beliefs without being aware of that. Read More: Access To Your Subconscious Mind Power

Honesty & fairness

Imagine a father who gives each of his four children an amount of his money. he gives the first one $20, the second one $200,000, the third one $5 million and he gives the last one absolutely nothing without any explanation. He further advises them and gives them lectures about fairness, love and being honest to each other. The seed  which he planted was a reason for his children to fight and hate each other for the rest of their lives. A dishonest father like that is not in any position to give advice about love and fairness, let alone punishing.


This applies also to god, because he asks people to be honest in a world which he designed based on dishonesty and injustice. Religious people tell you basically that the god, who designed all the suffering and injustice in this world, will be suddenly shiny and honest in the world after death. The question is why can’t he apply honesty and justice in this world first and then we can talk to him further about his other worlds. He is so unreliable that sometimes he punishes someone just because of other people’s sins.


Many people are so afraid of god that they do everything they can to satisfy him. The real problem is that, if god existed he would anyway punish you, because he is simply not reliable. The advice that could be believable of a god like that, is teaching people how to cheat each other and kill each other to survive. Because that is the basic idea of the world and the natural laws, that he designed.


Criminals and committing crimes

According to some religions, people who commit crimes will be punished by god. Some of the reasons that people commit crimes are mental illnesses, subconsciously believing that what they do is right, survival purposes or some people  want to achieve their goals faster.


God creates mental illnesses and that is one of the causes of criminality and suffering of the victims. Then he rewards the victims by torturing the mentally ill criminal. By doing all those injustice, he can’t satisfy the victims nor can he satisfy anyone else except himself. If human beings have any freedom to express their feelings and opinions, they would all point their fingers to god and say that the only one who deserves those punishments is god self. If god doesn’t accept that people express their opinions honestly, then he is another powerful dictator. The question is why would a dictator punish any other dictators?


According to the religious ideas the world after death is even crappier than this one. That might be because justice in the mind of god is different than the one in which humans believe. Humans think that god punishes tyrants and dictators, but he is acting like them. Isn’t that a good reason to believe that god supports them, that is why they get so much power in this world.


In a world that humans are not equal by the design of god, that is the root of all evil. People who are promoted by god and get all the power and everything become ruthless to keep that advantage. They enslave the masses and force them to work hard for them. However, others who have nothing also struggle to improve their lives. A slave has a little chance to be free without revolution and killing.


Torturing and god’s solution

What is the purpose of torturing and why would god choose that solution to scare human beings?

When tyrants and dictators use torturing method, the reason could be one of the following.

1- Revealing an important secret is one of the reason that torturing is used as a solution. In that way the person could be forced to reveal an important secret. That cannot be the reason of god, because god as religions claim knows everything.

2- Torturing could be used as a method to scare people not to do the same undesirable behaviors repeatedly. That couldn’t be the reason of god, because anyone who leaves this world doesn’t come back again. He wouldn’t learn anything from that painful experience.

3- Torturing could be used to relief the victims and their families, but that can’t be the reason of god. Because that doesn’t help the victims anyway.

4- Torturing could be used as a method of taking revenge. Could that be the reason of god, who creates problems to take revenge of his creatures?

Why would god really choose torturing people as a solution for problems he created himself in the first place? It seems that torturing is a very ineffective and useless solution. But why is god, who has all the power and created this giant universe so naive? That is most likely, because religions are designed to scare primitive people and force them to be obedient. Apparently, scaring people in this world wasn’t enough for the rulers. That is why they continue to follow their victims even after their death.


Doubting the existence of god

No one has any doubts about the existence of a powerless small ant, but a god who has all the power cannot provide any evidences of his existence. If god existed, he would logically punish anyone who believes in him. He would say to people “have I ever proved my existence to you? Why would you believe religious leaders and allow them to take advantage of you? I gave you a big brain to think and use it. When I hide myself, I must have a good reason for that.”


Human beings have choices

Some religious leaders claim that god has given everyone choices. When some tyrants and dictators create wars and kill thousands of innocent people, where are the choices of the victims? It is better to say that god has given choices to a small group of people to decide who will live and who will die. These are the real choices that god has given to the rulers. Sometimes people make wrong choices, but that doesn’t mean they deserve punishments.


If someone commit a crime without being aware of that, what would be the punishment of god? Under which law he punishes those people? Sometimes you have victims of natural disasters and accidents, which are part of god’s design. Would god punish himself for creating so many causes of death and suffering? If there is any designer of this universe, then he is guilty for designing a universe without thinking deeply of what he was doing.


Can you imagine the day that god has created billions of viruses and bacteria? Why would he need those tiny creatures? That is of course not our business, because it might be his hobby. The question is why would he chose to feed those harmful creatures inside human’s body. Couldn’t he find a place in this giant universe to feed his viruses? He further claims that he loves human beings and gives them choices. Implanting millions of harmful creatures inside human’s body is not a choice.


Survival of the fittest

Almost all the species on this planet can survive by killing and eating other species. They even compete and kill their own species for territory, food and sex. Predators kill their preys to survive. Human beings are sometimes predators but they can be also preys. Viruses and bacteria are the most dangerous predators of all the species. God asks people to be nice to each other and to animals, but who is responsible for this mess in the first place? Isn’t god who designed the world based on killing each other for survival?


Subconscious mind programming

You can program people’s mind to go to war to spread god’s message. Actually, all the wars throughout history until this moment started and will start for economical reasons and profits. However, people go to war, because their leaders convince them that their war is holly and god rewards them. Are those people guilty and deserve punishments? Why would god remain silent while leaders create wars in his name? What keeps him hiding?


All his power cannot help him to tell people not to fight for him. When god knows that something bad is going to happen, he keeps silent and waits with pleasure to punish someone. Apparently, punishment is more important for god than preventing bad things to happen. If a dishonest person advised you to be honest, then you would expect that he would improve his behavior too. God still has all the time to improve his design and become honest by changing it, but he insists to keep it that way.


There is no reason to think that a god who designed all the injustice in this world, would apply the justice we desire anywhere else. If he applied justice in any world, he would listen carefully to everyone what he/she has to say before using his torturing tools and machines.

All those naive religious ideas are evidences that god has been created by primitive people in the desert. The whole idea is based on accepting and allowing a small powerful group to enjoy this life and feeding the masses with the illusions of other worlds.


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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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