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Train Your Brain To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

The brain is the hardware of the mind and thoughts. Keeping your brain healthy can change your life to the direction of your desires. The expectation of doing sport is that after a period of time the results will be visible. The muscles grow and the shape of the body becomes more attractive but what happens when you train your brain? Almost nothing visible happens and that might be the reason, which discourages most people even to think about it.


If we have a look at the nature, we realize that most species live in almost the same natural environment, which they lived hundreds of thousands years ago. They almost don’t use tools nor do they have creativity. Despite the fact, that many different animal species have stronger bodies than we have but humans have controlled the planet and changed the world. That all happened because of the human great brain and the ability of imagination and thinking.


As an individual, you can change your life drastically by training your brain and keeping it healthy. The human civilization of the Babylonian, Egyptian and Rom until now is the result of thinking and imaginations.

Avoid damaging your brain

A brain specialist demonstrated the effect of alcohol, smoking and drugs on the brain by showing brain scans of different people who were addicted to those stuffs. The images were shocking!

If you see those pictures, you will never abuse any of those stuffs in your life. The brain damages were so clear that would convince anyone to avoid using those kinds of stuffs. You might wonder how a healthy brain or unhealthy brain can change your life!


Here below is an example from the reality.

I have once watched a documentary about Elvis Presley, the idol who conquers the world with his amazing voice, dancing and music. Elvis had everything a man can desire but even that couldn’t save him when he started to abuse drugs and that has damaged not only his brain but also his life. Six weeks before he died at the age of 42 he gave a concert and he was overweight.


When he went on the stage, he was unsure. Someone from the audience shouted and said that Elvis was nervous. He answered, “If you think that I am nervous you’re right”. Can you imagine a self-confident and a superstar after all his successful concerts became so nervous and unsure of himself on the stage?


Elvis Presley


There are different strategies to keep your brain healthy such as healthy food and body exercises but this article focuses on brain training.

I think that it is extremely important to offer brain exercises and puzzles on LoaSite, because it helps my visitors to keep their brains healthy and sharp and that would affect their lives positively. Unhealthy brain affects motivations and behaviors negatively and that results in having passive relationships with the people around you.


People can’t see inside your brain but they only see the effect of your brain on your thoughts which reflects to your behaviors towards them. The brain, which is the hardware of your mind is responsible for what you accomplish in your life.

Training your brain

By training your brain regularly, you will have a healthier and an active brain. You might consider learning chess because chess is one of the amazing games that helps your brain to remain young. Solving puzzles regularly is also helpful to improve your brain activities and thoughts.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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