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Top 3 Website Mistakes Everyone Needs To Know!

When it comes to websites and web applications most of the beginners haven’t a clear idea where to put there attentions on. A website nowadays can be build easily, because there are many easy ways to build it. The question is who visits a new website? Some websites get a little traffic even after months. Once you build the name and the trust of the visitors, you will get direct visitors, visitors from search engines and other websites will link to it.


Based on that is the most valuable part of a website is the name of the website and the database not the website self. Internet technology develops very fast. Many companies repeatedly choose to build their web applications again from scratch using the newest technology tools and frameworks, but they always need to keep their names and data’s. As a freelancer web developer, I have worked on tens of projects for big as well as small companies.


Since the last decade, I have also created several websites and registered more than twenty domain names. I have made mistakes especially in the beginning, which were the causes of losing time and money. It is important to know that there are mistakes, which can be solved later. However, there are also mistakes that cannot be solved without painful consequences.

1- Keep your website open for future expands

Suppose that you would like to build a Photoshop tutorial website to share your experiences on the web. You register the domain name, which seems a perfect name for your business. The question is “Are you going to share only Photoshop tutorials on that website?” The answer for now might be yes. However, after starting the website and being online for a year, your visitors might ask you to create tutorials for other image editing software.


If you decided to expand your website, then the domain name wouldn’t suit your business any more.  The point is that you know your business when you start it but you don’t know exactly where your business is going to be. That depends upon the interest of your visitors, your position comparing to your competitors, the market and other factors. After that, you might choose a suitable domain name like which seems to be better.


However, after a period of time you might want to create videos or tutorials about operating systems like windows, Apple and Linux. The conclusion is that choosing general domain names are better for longer period than specific names. If you choose a name like, you will keep your tutorial open not only for images but for all kinds of tutorials.

2- It is wise to keep your domain name for a long time

Registering a new domain name is not a good idea when each time you change or expand your business. A domain name cost almost $30 a year, which isn’t much. The problem is that there are many spammers and people who use the web for illegal activities and that make it difficult for search engines to trust new websites. It takes sometimes months or even more for search engines to find out which website is offering an honest deal and which one deceives people on internet.

Website owners work hard to build traffic, get the trust of the search engines, get back links from other websites and to build direct traffic of visitors who bookmark it. There is a solution and that is redirecting your old domain name to your new one, but that domain would be still new and wouldn’t get a good reputation fast. It takes sometimes longer than a year that your pages show up in the top of the search engine results, because search engines don’t trust new domain names or websites.


There are companies, which choose meaningless domain names because that fits every activities and businesses. As I mentioned before you can choose now what your business is but a long the way you would learn a lot and you would gradually expand your business to fit the market. That is why general or meaningless domain names are more flexible for the future of your business. A domain name becomes reputable by passing years. It is pity to lose what you build in years.

3- Avoid dependency

There are many companies on the web, which offer a free online building blog service like Google, Tumblr… Etc. Those kind of services are useful for people who can’t afford own blog/website and haven’t enough knowledge of doing that. Those companies need your content to attract more visitors to their websites and they offer in return an easy way to build your own website/blog.

You only need to ask yourself the question; what would happen if those companies changed their policies?

If you start your blog by Tumblr, your blog will be available on The previous URL wouldn’t be yours but it is of Tumblr, because the domain name is and myBlog is only a sub domain. To avoid that dependency you would need to register a domain name for example, “” by one of the domain name providers. You need to use your own domain name if you send it to a friend or you leave backlinks on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other websites. It is necessary to inform the domain name provider to redirect the domain name: to the blog:


By having your own domain name, you can decide any time to build your own website using a content management system like WordPress. That would help you to avoid being fully depended on your blog provider, but you would have also built a reputation for your own domain name.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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