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Top 7 Exploiters Who Fool You Without Your Awareness

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Capitalism might not be the best and honest social system but it is a practical system and it simply works. Until we find a better alternative, we have little choice but accept it. Understanding the principles of capitalism that can affect your life negatively is extremely important.


The priority goals of people in the capitalism are profits. Profits drive many people to work as hard as they can and encourage them to do things what they do not want to do. The happiest individual is not the one who makes a lot of money by working as a puppet president of some nation, but who earns money with a work in which he believes and enjoys. Political parties, companies and organizations do what they can to find out all the methods they need to make as much as profit as possible. Those principles have a great impact on each individual’s life. If you did not realize them, you would make similar mistakes over and over again.

1- Following fashions

Every human is unique but rulers and many companies support the idea of making people all look like each other. In that way, they can control the masses better and encourage them to obey what they order them. Designers of new fashions do not care about your personality or the fact their design might not suit you. Their primary goal is focusing on turning you into a purchase machine. The policy is killing people’s personalities and make them all look like each other as fabric chickens.


They change the fashion every while and you need to present yourself as they plan for you and apply their mask to your appearance. Do you think that they care whether you look good or they are even interested in you at all? Following fashions cost money and help them to run their businesses. That is all what they care about.

Spending your money and following their crazy designs, access your subconscious mind and become part of your habits.  If you believe that you are unique then find the best way that suits your appearance and decide for yourself. Your appearance is less important than your knowledge. Save the money that you spend on those harmful habits and use it to start and expand your knowledge or invest it in a business.

2- Becoming an advertising board

Media has created different new habits for the masses in their favors, because creating habits among people generate permanent profits for them. Walking around with a big logo to impress people that you can afford expensive clothes, mobiles or bags does not make you better. On the contrary, you loose your strong personality and become a slave who works hard to afford those products.


If you haven’t much money, buying expensive clothes demands working hard to afford that and let you miss chances that might improve your life. Spending extra money to hide your financial situation is not a good strategy to achieve your goal. Walking around with their logos is not a quality of self-confident people. Do you know that those brands pay lots of money to celebrities to use their products for only a few moments on TV or in public?


I am sure that you have heard so many times to be yourself, but how can you achieve that? Taking the time to think and being alone is helpful to discover yourself and access your talent. Talk to yourself as if you are talking to an important person. Many great people like Buddha, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and others achieved great dreams by mastering the art of imaginations and thoughts.


Have you visited primary and secondary schools the last couple of years? Do people realize what our next generations are putting their attentions to? Many people nowadays lose their precious parts and obey the mass mind programming of the exploiters.

3- Mother, father, valentine and profession’s days

We are expected to buy gifts in mother, father, valentine, teachers and other profession’s days to show those people how much we love them. Those days seem to be designed for love and emotions, but beneath that is the profit, which many companies and even governments make. Those companies use all their creativities to play with people’s emotions and make their marketing methods a tradition in the society. They are misusing emotions of personal relationships to enter their wallets. The truth is that those days are only designed to encourage the crowd to consume.  If you in any of those days go a few hours later to your work, your boss might fire you instantly. Does capitalism care about emotions and love of the masses?


If you even do not buy a gift or you buy a cheap one for your lover, she/he might become sad and start to doubt your love. Imagine how profit encourages companies to interfere even in your private life. If I had the power, I would demand all those days to be officially off or abolishing all of them. People do not need to spend their money on those lousy gifts, but they need time to spend with their lovers. Corrupt governments and organizations will never go for making those days off, because they are not interested in people’s emotions. They only think how to misuse people’s weaknesses and make them always broke, because being broke forces people to be obedient.

4- Computer games

Computer games do not add value to our lives and they distract children and teenagers from learning. Nowadays computer games became our modern mental drugs. There are so many children and teenagers addicted to games and spend the most precious time of their lives with that habit.

5- Charity

Do not understand me wrong if I say that paying money to corrupt organizations that claim helping people is one of the biggest mistakes you can do. Capitalism encourages methods to use your emotions and your mind against you. Almost every day you meet people ask you to pay the poor somewhere in the world. There are so many corrupt leaders and governments around the world, which turn charity money into business. The poor must be very happy if they even get the chance to smell the money.


When some top rich people in the world claim spending hundreds millions of dollars on charity, their wealth become even more in a short time and their name rise on the list of the top rich people. What is the secret that even math does not work right for them? How can you pay hundreds millions of dollars and you still win your rich competitors?  During the tsunami in south Asia, many organizations and countries received millions of dollars to help those victims, but still many of them said that they did not receive any. I see people on street eating from the garbage and sleeping under rain, but those organizations close their eyes and avoid seeing them. If you really have enough money to help, then do it directly or through people you trust.

6- Religions

Religions ask you for money for their activities and they make statements like, god is powerful, god designed this universe and you are a slave of god. In all the societies throughout history, people who pay are masters and people who get paid work as slaves. God applies a new rule, which asks for both. His strategy is that he wants money and enslaves people. Why would god create poverty in the first place and do not help religious activities? It is not your responsibility to work hard and fund religions to improve god’s crappy design. Religions are very good in making people feel small and never get the chance to discover their greatness. If that is the quality of a powerful creator, we all have more power than he has.

7- Other organizations

Think about more of those kinds of organizations who try to access your bank account with their pre-designed stories like, helping environments or asking money for disease researches. When they succeed and find the medicine they do not offer it free, but they sell it and start their new businesses.


It is not wise to allow any of those organizations to access your mind and misuse your good heart for their own benefits. It is great to help weak people and we all love to be helped and recognized by our societies. There are always methods to do that directly and find the right people who really deserve it.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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