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Top 4 Reasons Why People Follow False Beliefs

There is a logical explanation why false beliefs exist. It is important to understand how the natural laws work. Every living being including us are part of the nature. If we understand natural laws, we understand many of our problems. If we understand our problems, we can solve them easier.

False beliefs exist because of one or a combination of more of the following reasons.

1- Fast and easy solutions

When humans do not understand the reason of suffering and problems, which they face, they mostly prefer to create the illusion of solving them. Creating illusions is easier and faster than solving big problems in the reality. So far, not all human beings including philosophers and scientists can fully understand the mystery of existence. There is no method currently to find a solution or understand that problem. Humans cannot be patient and leave unsolved problems until the solution would be found. Some people prefer to create the illusion of solving those kinds of problems.

2- Exploitation

The natural laws support exploitation whether between the same species or different species. The great mind helps humans to survive but it is also possible for some groups to manipulate it by spreading false beliefs. If you ask any human being who he is, he might answer that he is a spirit or great living being. Natural laws, tell us that that is only part of us but we can also be food and a host for other species.


We struggle to win and survive. Many species use us as food resources because our bodies can help their survival and they see us as a meal. Tiny creatures live inside our bodies some of which are harmless, but others cause illnesses and damage our bodies.

Through exploitation, a group can have much better life than the average. They need to hide the truth from the masses and work on misleading them permanently. That helps them to keep that advantage above others.


We all have been taught to be patriotic and be proud of our nation. This phenomenon is popular almost among every culture in the world. Have you ever asked yourself the question why you should be proud of your nation? Have you chosen yourself to be part of that nation and not another one? Have you even chosen to be a human being, but not other specie? Does this idea bring nations together or creates distance between them?


Whom you really serve by sacrificing your life for your country? Does any country need anyone to sacrifice for it? This idea simply spreads by leaders. It convinces the crowd to sacrifice their lives for their leaders and their governments. They have every interest to make that idea popular among their nations. If leaders believe that sacrificing for your country is holly, why most of them do not send their own children to participate in wars? By teaching nations to come together and love each other, that will hinder breaking out wars and that is not what many governments want. Many leaders attacked their own nation and accused others to justify war against them.

3- Self interest

Different cultures accept some beliefs, because they claim that humans can live forever after death. Many people accept and believe in religion without the necessity of evidences, because it simply promises human being an eternal life. Conscious living being does not like to die and to have a short life. Natural laws are hard to accept and that makes some people pay attention to other kinds of promises and claims.

4- Subconscious mind programming

Programming the subconscious mind in most cases either serve you or serve others. It simply depends on who programs it and for what purpose. Some false beliefs can help you drastically to improve your life while others can also get access to program and manipulate your mind. For example, if you program your subconscious mind to believe that you are very attractive, that can help you to find love and be positive. Implanting positive ideas in your mind can help you to improve your life even if they are not true. However, implanting false beliefs and claims can create abundance for a small group and leave the masses with little.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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