The law of attraction is always at work

The law of attraction is always at work

Applying the LOA has shown some people the path to their dreams while many others have been disappointed. Why some people can apply the law of attraction the way that serves them while others can’t change the results of their lives at all? Read moreover! What is the law of attraction?


It is important to understand that the LOA is always at work. It doesn’t start from the moment that you hear about it nor does it start from the moment that you consciously apply it. Many people can achieve their goals without being aware that they apply the law of attraction.


Some people are good to attract wealth while others are able to attract health, positive circumstances, love or power. There are also people who are expert at attracting depression, problems, enemies or things which they don’t want.

One of the influences on the results which show up in our lives is the environment where we grow up. If you grew up in poverty, prosperity, sad, happy, negative or positive environment, this would program your subconscious mind.  Read moreover Access to your subconscious mind power.


The stored information in the subconscious mind affects automatically your beliefs and feelings, which would at last determine the results you attract in your life.

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