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The Birth Of A Society Without Leaders

For thousands years of human’s existence there is only one main system that works for societies. A small group has the power to rule the majority of the people. Many revolutions have taken place throughout history, but the alternative was only replacing the leaders.


The question is whether any society can survive without the pyramid system. Anarchists claim that a society without leaders is possible, but I think that might be something for a very far future. A society without a leader means that each individual is in charge. There will be always people who organize and unite to create groups. That has happen throughout history when individuals followed tribes to survive.


There are many advantages of living under governments for example; the police system protects individual’s right, defending the society by any possible attacks from outside the country and keeping order. The most disadvantages of having leaders is that they take the power and can do whatever they want. Once they have the power, the nation cannot return it without force, revolution and bloodshed. The leading group has always used the power to make their own lives better. Humans are extremely selfish living beings and capitalism supports that.

Voting for a leader

In our modern societies, when a nation votes for a leader, they do not know the leader. He and his group study and research what the nation’s problems are and what they want. Furthermore, they create the illusion of solving those problems. The leader follows a few training to give the best speeches he can and he learns how to convince the crowd to trust him.


At last, he swears with one of the so-called holly books and takes the whole power of the country. All what he gives to get the power and money control of the nation is nothing, but he receives everything for that. What an expensive nothing those leaders sell! Of course, nothing might be an exaggeration, because they spend a lot of money in the political campaign during the election and the expensive courses they take to learn how to manipulate masses’s mind and convince them to vote for him.


In many countries presidents are merely puppets or actors who follow the order of an invisible powerful group.


Image Source Wikkipedia

If we understand human’s nature, we conclude that no one is trust worthy to get the power of any nations including you and me. It is true but it might be hard to say that giving power to any human being is similar to offering a lam to a hungry wolf. Thousands years of experiences have proven that no one was trust worthy to have that kind of power. We cannot deny that some leaders served their societies better than others, but history taught us that humans can addict to power and they are not trust worthy to have that.


Any groups who become leaders, they need that power and they can naturally use it for their own benefits. The law might seem to make it difficult for them to misuse their authorities, but there is always a way for them to achieve that. Here below are some examples:

  1. Leaders might have right to spend some of the nation’s money on charity. They can find a corrupt leader of a poor country and let him sign for receiving a much bigger amount of money than what he eventually receives. That kind of deals can benefit both sides.
  2. They can sign contracts to benefit their own businesses, companies or corporations. In case, they have no companies. They can always start one and there are always enough organizations and corporations to do business deals with them using nation’s money.
  3. Wars are among the most profitable businesses for countries, which are active in producing weapons and arms. They can always involve in wars to sell their weapons or use them. Keeping weapons in stores, leads to a huge loss, and not using them will result in paying even more money to destroy them.

It is naturally very hard for human being to be in charge of something he needs without misusing it. When humans talk about bad people, they never mean themselves even if they are criminals. It might be better to admit how selfish naturally we are and solve problems based on the truth not illusions. It is difficult for any society to live without a leader or a group leaders, because there will be always people who organize against the rest to gain as much as they can by force. Individuals throughout history could not survive if they did not belong to a specific tribe.


If we return the time and live individually, small groups start to organize again and create tribes to become stronger. That is a natural law and humans need that for the purpose of survival. It is clear that very small-organized people, which we call governments, can control millions and in some countries even hundreds millions of people.

Can technology help the existence of a society without a leader?

Technology might solve that problem in the future by creating robots, which would be prepared to lead the society. We all trust robots because they naturally do not need power nor do they need money. There will be no chance to corrupt robots, because they are not interested in anything. You cannot threat robots and force them to do things for you, because they are not afraid of anything! Robots haven’t the two big weaknesses of human beings, which are greed and fear. If you can’t bribe an honest person, you can always fear him or threat him to do things against his will. If that doesn’t work, then eliminate him and there will be always a successor who accept one of the two methods. Fear and greed are the two weaknesses, which make most honest people vulnerable and easy to be manipulated.


The problem of robots is checking the people who program them. Open source software might be a solution for that and every individual should have access to their decisions and activities. Robots are naturally more trust worthy than humans are, because they do not need exercising power nor do they need money. They would never make decisions behind closed doors nor do they start wars for their own benefits.

Bitcoin, the birth of decentralized money

It was hard to believe that someday a decentralized currency would come into existence, but that happened a few years ago. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that cannot be controlled by central banks or governments. An unknown person or group named Satoshi Nakamoto has developed that online payment system. You can send any amounts of Bitcoin online to any place in the world without needing a third party like banks or organizations.


Bankers might use all their powers to destroy it, but the idea of Bitcoin is immortal. It is a dream of every humanist to live in a society in which applying equality for everyone is possible. Technology might be the best help middle for us to achieve that dream in the future. The first step is disarming bankers and elites from the power of money and that might follow by disarming them from leading the society!


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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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  1. Although most known societies are characterized by the presence of hierarchy or the state, anthropologists have studied many egalitarian stateless societies, including most nomadic hunter-gatherer societies

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