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6 Steps Of War Secrets – Never Revealed To The Public!

If you read the history of the world, you will soon find out that in every century one or more wars have been happened. There are so many people, who love peace and demonstrate for that, but the world in which we live obeys natural laws. Without understanding and eliminating the causes of wars, peace will remain only a dream in the humans mind. In our modern lives, being part of the world is mostly being part of one of the countries.

This article aims to be easy to understand by explaining the causes of wars without mentioning specific countries or centuries. Therefore, we use the following imaginary world map.


The 6 simple steps that lead to wars:

Step 1: The security feeling and distrusting others.

Suppose that you are the president of the country X on the map, what would be among your priorities to do for that nation? True leaders have many responsibilities like keeping their nations in peace, which is the topic of this article.

Therefore, the answer is that one of the priorities would be balancing the power and taking in consideration any attacks from outside the country. That means that spending some of the country budget in building defenses would be necessary to keep your country save and in peace or at least defending it by any possible attacks.

The strongest mostly decide attacks and they involve the weakest with their wars.

Step 2: feeling secure by building defense.

Building nation’s defense starts with spending money in weapons, tanks, warplanes, missiles, Intelligence Agencies , satellites and more. Once you start with those activities, which seem very rational in the beginning to keep peace, you will be involved in an endless process.


Starting with producing weapons results in having war products, which would need to be sold and investing the money again to improve them. To make any products or companies successful is necessary to understand the following steps:

Step 1: investing money to create the product.

Step 2: learning from the experiences to improve the quality.

Step 3: Selling the product.

Step 4: funding the money again to produce better qualities at low costs.


For example, if you compare cars, mobiles, airplanes of this time with some years ago, you will notice how much those products have been improved. Any company, which produces without selling their products, goes bankrupt and that applies to weapon industry too.

To keep the security, you need to develop and improve the quality of the weapons continually.

Step 3: get rid of your old weapons to produce newer.

The weapon you produce today to defend your nation is not good enough after several years. Without selling them and funding the money in newer technologies, you cannot defend your country.

The question is, how you sell the old weapons to produce newer. There is no way to advertise for weapons because your nation and other countries will never support that.

The practical solution is creating a war either your country participate in it or creating it between other countries so that they need your weapons. One of the tools to create that is by using intelligence agencies. The war must fit the exact needs and it must guarantee profit.


You do not start a war against a strong country unless you as a leader have no chance to keep the power. In that case, you would use all the possibilities to keep it even if that cost the lives of many people of your nation. Losing power mostly ends with trial for leaders and that is one of the reasons that leaders don’t take that option.

If you manage to invade a rich weak country, you can take their resources and their country wealth to compensate the costs of your weapons.


You can also create a civil war in a rich country by supporting oppositions or creating a complete political party from scratch. One of the most negative sides of capitalism is turning the real world into shows. Having money can make you create everything including political parties, oppositions, fake revolutions, terrorists and more. Once you create them you can use them the way you want for example, terrifying your own nation to support you, misleading people that weak countries are leading themselves while all of the political members are puppets.

In case that one of the puppets don’t like to follow you any more, then you can get rid of him by accusing him of corruption and even kill him on a way that looks as if he committed suicide or simply killed by your own created terrorists.


There is also a possibility to create war between two countries. In that way you can sell your product and get rid of your old weapons.

Step 4: creating an enemy to get the support of your nation.

The biggest obstacle is that your nation will never support you to start wars. As we have learned from history, wars make huge fortunes for the leaders and disasters for the nations. The common way convince your people to support wars is false flag attack. Many political parties throughout history attacked their own nations and used that to justify their wars.


The Nazi party for example burned the Reichstag and accused the communist party to justify attacking them.




The media and subliminal messages are tools to convince people any kinds of false accusations and stories.

Step 5: Using mind control

The media is a tool to use by convincing people that war is necessary and that the enemy forced the country to start it. Misleading and persuading people to sacrifice their lives for their motherland, fatherland, god or religions have been used from millenniums to justify wars. Associating the name of a country with parents is powerful to make war adorable and holly for the people.


Other option is implanting fear so that people lose the security feeling, because the nation doesn’t want change from security feeling to war. The nation should be ready to hate the created enemy by the leaders as much as possible. Using slogans, national songs or fake stories are tools to achieve that. Using the media and repeating false messages and propaganda make the nation subconsciously ready to sacrifice for their leaders, while they think that they do that for their country. Motivating people and misleading them that they are superior and the best race in the world while their leaders using them as slaves is effective.

Step 6: Finding helpless people to execute your plans

So far, you have arranged many steps to start the war but still you need the support of some people to participate in the war and risk their lives for little rewards.  You would need desperate and hopeless people, who have little to survive, because people with a decent income would never risk their lives.


That is the reason why authorities never find a true solution to fight poverty. The war started with defending your country but you spent so much money and energy to build that defense and that turns the defense plan into attack. Once you become strong, you start to consider wars as an easy option to make huge fortunes. It is not that easy to stop wars because there is no way of trusting without fundamental basis.


The Nazi party had a non-aggression contract with Russia, but when they felt that Germany was stronger, they broke the contract and that followed by attacking the country. Read the history of wars in the time of the Babylonian, Assyrian, Egypt, Rom, spreading religions, Mongolian empire, Ottoman Empire, other occupations, first, Second World War and wars of this time!

Final Word

When war starts, most people keep asking the question; who started it and which side was guilty? The strong one mostly fakes the answer and uses tools like media to convince people that the weak side started the aggression. You might  think that you hear the important news about wars through the mainstream media, but that is far from the truth. The people who own and control weapon industries are more powerful and richer than you ever think.


They make a complete plan to start the war and arrange everything how the media should announce it. They do the work and plan to become the eyes and the source of information of the masses. They determine how the crowd should think and support  their profits. Those people are so invisible that they are not even on the list of the top richest people in the world while their wealth exceeds those limits.


The most important news that the media should announce is not all the useless details about the war, but they should announce the top list companies, banks and individuals that gain from the war every day from the first day any war starts! 


Without eliminating war causes, peace will remain in human’s dreams and there will be little hope to achieve world peace.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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  1. Man is a beast and war is a part of his nature. Peace there will never be

    1. I agree with you that war is part of human’s nature, but we should use all our creativities to eliminate the causes!

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