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Religions – What You Are Not Being Told!

Controlling choices and beliefs is a complex challenge for individuals, because your life is part of your family, society, country, and at last the whole world. Your choices, beliefs and decisions are interesting for others as much as for you. You have of course free choices but there are also great effects, which influence your decisions from the outside world without most of the time being aware of that.


Those choices mostly serve and satisfy others more than yourself. There are techniques, which can be used to affect your choices and beliefs to support leaders, dictators, tyrants, or the effect to vote for some political parties. The effect of choosing a product, a specific airline or a restaurant is also among the possibilities.


Most people think that they have fully control over their decisions and beliefs but that is, in fact, far from the truth. To harness your potential mind power is necessary to eliminate any ideas which turns you from a free great creator to a small obedient slave. The conscious understanding is the first step of reprogramming your subconscious mind to use your potential power to improve your life.

Suppressing your potential mind power and waiting for rewards after your death doesn’t make your life any better. Religions don’t need thinkers, but require blind obedience.

Here below are methods to harness your potential mind power.


The environment in which you grow up has a great impact on your decisions and beliefs, because it is the start of programming your subconscious mind.  Read More: Access To Your Subconscious Mind Power


Believing in a particular religion depends mostly upon the culture and the place where you grow up. If you were programmed to adopt a specific religion, you wouldn’t search any more for evidences but accept it as the truth. Besides most religions implant fear in your mind and warn you that you will be punished if you have any doubts about them. That message simply says “don’t think but obey without any conditions!”


Imagine the effect of your culture and your environment on you and compare that to people who grew up in different places, environments and among other cultures. If you grew up in another place, would you believe in the same religion, in which you believe now? The difference isn’t only the religion but also the language, cultural beliefs and even your habits.


Programming the mind of the crowd is very important for powerful leaders and big companies because they can determine their choices for their own benefits. Unfortunately, they have succeeded to find out all kinds of methods to do that. The good news is that by understanding those methods you will be able to protect your mind and take more control over your choices, beliefs and decisions.

How we get our beliefs and opinions?

1-Subconscious programming using evidences

Evidences can change our opinions. In this method, you think and believe consciously in the evidence then your conscious mind allows the new information to go through its filter to the subconscious mind. The flat theory of Earth was believed by different cultures like the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians.

When the evidence proved that Earth’s shape was not plane or disk but round, people started to accept the new idea. Learning from evidences is great for every individual, because you will be aware and choose your beliefs consciously.


Furthermore, using this method allows you even to convince others because you know and understand consciously why and when you started to believe in that specific idea.

2- Subconscious programming by practicing

Difficult circumstances weaken some people and let them choose for what they don’t want! An example is a person who doesn’t want to be cruel to animals, but under difficult circumstances accepts a job in a slaughterhouse. That would make him unhappy for a period because his job conflicts with his subconscious beliefs. Everyday he talks to himself about it and try to convince himself that he is not guilty, but he has a difficult circumstance and has no choice.


He would blame his boss, his luck, people around him and his financial situation. What he might not realize is that he would gradually reprogram his subconscious mind to accept what he practices. After a period, his mind would be reprogrammed, and he would become less sensitive for animal cruelty or even killing them.

That is even harder by criminals because in the same way they wouldn’t have even problems with eliminating people. Most of the criminals claim that their hard circumstances left them no choices.



3-Subconscious programming without awareness

The common methods of reprogramming the subconscious mind are hypnosis, subliminal messages, imagination, visualization and affirmation. Those methods are very powerful to improve your life but also some of them could be very dangerous because they allow others to access your beliefs and decisions. The danger of those methods is that the process of implanting your belief can happen without your awareness.


The truth is that the subconscious mind is irrational and can believe anything. Sometimes mind programming doesn’t pass through the filter of the conscious rational mind but penetrate the subconscious level directly. An example is using affirmations like praying everyday without realizing that you are programming your subconscious mind can affect the rest of your life negatively. One of the most dangerous methods is subliminal messages, which are invisible for your conscious mind.   Read More: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Using Subliminal Messages.


Most of the cultural beliefs are accepted as the truth during the childhood without the necessity of any evidences. Have you met people who defend their own religious beliefs and each one claims that his own religion is the right one?  Without asking them any questions, you understand that their religions have been passed to them through their parents, culture and the society where they grew up. Unfortunately, beliefs of the masses concern leaders and powerful people too, because that factor can make them more powerful and richer.


That has been going on for thousands years. Powerful people manipulate masses minds for their own profits and they are studying how to convince them and get their obedience. They convince people to buy their products even though they do not need them. An example is that you believe that a specific company has high quality products, but you have never used them and you never know or remember how you got that belief. Most leaders throughout history have used different strategies to achieve their goals by torturing people, killing masses, starting wars and the most important one is mind manipulation.


Affirmations and religious beliefs

Every religion has an obligation to pray for god and to do it several times a day or a week. They claim that praying is what god wants from you. They provide you different texts claiming that those texts are from god and you need repeatedly to say, feel and believe in them. That is exactly how you program your subconscious mind using affirmations and imaginations. Prophets came each with a book claiming that the texts are from god. After all the wars, eliminations and even burning people alive who would not obey their ideas, god remained silent. However, those leaders not.


God does not care and never protests whether you believe in him or not. However, the leaders do care and attack people who believe in a different religion or stand on their ways. After centuries, each religion has been divided into different versions just like political parties, which try to seize power.

If the books were from one god then why were those leaders challenging each other and eliminating people? They divided the religion and disagreed about what god said. God has decided all the time to keep silent and refused to react or say a word, but he is ready to punish people after their death without telling them the truth.


Most people claim that his religion version is the best one. Someone must ask god the question: why would you send such a vague message? If you did, then why would you allow those leaders to interpret your message the way that serves them? If the messages of god were not clear to understand, then why would he punish people? How is it possible that such a powerful creator makes such a big mistake?


How can the truth depend on where you grow up? A child who lives among a specific culture believes in their religion while the same child believes in another one depending upon which culture programs his subconscious mind. Children are victims by programming the subconscious mind,  because they lack knowledge about this world. Religion passes thousands years from one generation to another not because they allow the next generation to think rationally and choose it but they program their mind directly.

Implanting fear in the mind of the masses

Fear is among the best friends if you have just enough to survive, but more of it turns your life into misery! When people disobey, you can force them to obey by implanting fear in their minds. The leaders have known that concept for a long time. Every leader would be addicted to power and might prefer death than losing it. Among the common fear is the fear of pain. Throughout  history, most leaders have chosen to torture anyone who disobeyed their orders. That has been developed gradually to implant it in the mind of the masses.


They came with the idea that god also tortures people after their death so that people live in fear. The idea of god punishes and tortures people after their death is a copy of what dictators do in this world. How can god who has all the power behaves like tyrants and dictators? In many western countries, torturing criminals and prisoners have been abolished, but god still applies that.

If people haven’t full control over their decisions, beliefs and choices consciously, why would god punish them? If that is the truth, then where is the evidence? Why can’t god approve or disapprove that idea?

There are different types of fear among them fear of not having what you need to survive, fear of losing what you have, fear of diseases, pain, terrible situations, failure and rejections. Fear makes people vulnerable and easy to be programmed.

Programming the mind to accept a specific religion

We are going to compare two persons; person 1 tries to program his subconscious mind to learn a foreign language like Spanish while person 2 would be programmed by his culture to believe in a specific religion.

  1. Person 1 starts to study Spanish and uses repetition to learn it. The second one must also pray repeatedly not just once. After a few months person one can speak Spanish at level 2 out of 10. Person 2 would have weak faith in that religion and can still quit praying.
  2. After a few years person one speaks Spanish fluently and scores 10 out of 10. In those years person 2 would create stronger faith in that religion. We assume that both were practicing repeatedly and programming their mind for several years.
  3. The result is that person one has no power any more to avoid understanding Spanish. Whatever you say in that language, he understands it and can’t switch his mind to a few years before when he couldn’t understand a word Spanish. What happens to person two is that his mind has been programmed to believe in that religion and can’t say any negative words against it, not even in his mind. If he even said it, he would ask god for forgiveness and he would feel bad about it.
  4. The difference between person one and person two is that the first one has learned a foreign language which would serve him while person two has programmed his mind to obey, accepting being a slave, implanted fear in his mind, became dependent upon religious leaders, having less self-confidence and that makes him vulnerable and an easy prey for them.
  5. So far, person one has learned gradually to speak Spanish fluently. He started from level 0 till level 10 which we consider as fluent. Person two who was praying has programmed his subconscious mind to believe in that religion unconditionally. That would happen also gradually. That is also the reason that people who practice religious rituals for a short time can quit easier than others who practice that from the childhood.

Programming the subconscious mind works even faster if you involve emotions, beliefs and feelings with your affirmations. That is also the reason that most religions force you to think and imagine the affirmations while you are praying. They use your own subconscious mind against you and they let you do the work for them.

The conscious mind is rational and logical while the subconscious mind is irrational and powerful. Once you program your subconscious mind to believe in a specific religion, you will accept all the irrational ideas and you wouldn’t ask yourself the questions;

Where is god and why can’t he prove his existence?

You wouldn’t ask for evidences because the whole idea is based on mind programming and fear and you will always be afraid of punishment!


If religions can program the mind of so many generations for thousands years without providing any evidences, can you imagine how powerful and irrational the subconscious mind is?

The mystery is that even if the prophets told people that they lied about god, religious people wouldn’t stop believing in their religions.

The reason is  that they didn’t provide any evidences when they implanted the idea of god in their minds. They and their successors simply programmed the mind of the people.

Passing religions to children and programming their subconscious mind to adopt any religions is not a good idea for parents to do. Children’s mind shouldn’t be programmed to become a slave but they have right to choose their beliefs when they become adults.

The world doesn’t need more slavery but more freedom!

The final word

If you are a believer and you can sleep good at night without any doubts, that is what everyone dreams of. There should be no conflict between true believers and atheists, because people have right to believe in what makes them feel good. However, believers are responsible to prevent any groups or leaders abusing them and encourage them to fight for spreading their religion. If people do not like paradise you cannot force them to enter it!

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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  1. I love the article . Many points I agree with .

  2. I’m that rare atheist who wants to be enslaved by religion, specifically the Roman Catholic religion as my fiancee is a practicing Catholic. I think it would make my life better by drawing me closer to her in many ways. I’ve been reading a lot about Catholicism and, though I currently don’t believe its foundations, I want to learn how to be less of a critical thinker and more of a slave to Jesus.

    1. I respect the honesty of the way you express your opinion!

  3. This is a very good article and it is the TRUTH. Brainwashed ignorant stupid lazy people give up their own power so they themselves don’t have to deal with their own demons, they would rather just trust and confide in a priest, rabbi, religion, or belief system to do their bidding for them. Giving up their FREE WILL and trusting anybody or anything but themselves, and not taking a deep hard look in the mirror and asking yourself, “do I know the truth or not”? Only YOU can find the answers within your own Self… and you must do the great work yourself to seek, find out, know, and understand that WE have been fooled a very long time ago, and there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye, much more.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your comment!

    MY MOTHER IS FULLY CHRISTIAN AND MY FATHER IS FULLY MUSLIM. EACH ONE SHOWING THE FLAWS OF THE the OTHER religion and that actually opened my eyes.but how can i make them see through my eyes.I don’t want to choose a religion and Muslim religion is wary strict and they are old people between 57 and 64 but thy still live they are wearied about where there children are going.

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      I understand your problem, but changing old people’s mind about their religions is actually wasting your time. You can offer them some articles or books that could help them to reconsider their beliefs. However, it is important to be clear about your own point of view and prevent anyone to force you what to believe!

      1. my FATHER don’t think i have a choice and i don’t think i have the guts to tell him what I think.IM playing both sides keeping them happy,and thank you for your advice.i don’t know how long i can keep this up

  5. Thanks for this great explanation!
    Obviously religion is not a choice but a mind programming.

    1. You are welcome!!

  6. Believing in something you can never prove, like religion, is stupid, followers of that belief make it clear they use religion to justify their hateful actions.

  7. I completely disagree with you Sar. I am Christian and the only truth I know is the Bible!

    1. Thanks for your comment, you have right to choose!

    2. Brain washed drone .

  8. People believe in religion to tell them whats moral and whats not!

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