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How Brainwashing Techniques Make Scheme Websites Rich?

Filtering ideas before allowing them to go deeper to the subconscious mind is important, because the subconscious is irrational. The critical mind filter prevents us to believe irrational ideas and that helps to avoid problems.


If someone says for example, “Give me! $100 and I will give you $5000”, the critical mind does not believe it because the idea does not seem rational and you recognize that as a trick. Breaking down the critical mind filter is an important topic for marketing and especially for companies, which are focusing on illegal activities.

Get-rich-quick scheme websites

There are many websites out there, which claim earning money easy and fast most of which use a method to break down the critical mind filter of the victims. What they know is that most of their victims need money very badly. Obviously, people who have a good business or income would not waste their time with false promises.


Most of those websites write stories like how someone became rich using their method. In that way, they build a dream for their victims and make their mind suggestible. The result is that the victims allow passing the message  through their critical mind filters to their subconscious mind. Once that happens, they confront the reader with a registration process. They delay providing the information of how and what to do for them in return to keep them reading for that answer.



Instead of that, they offer pictures of smiling happy people, who claim that they are rich thanks to that website. When you follow their instructions, they convince you to participate and join them. At that moment, they know that you are ready to buy what they offer you. They claim that you need to buy a specific product or software to start becoming rich. At last, they sell their products to many people using psychological methods. In the above examples, the critical mind is very useful. Without the critical mind filter, you would have tough times and a difficult life.


When you see that kind of promises, focus first on what their profit is and what they expect you to do for them. If they delay telling people what to do for them, know that their business is suspicious. If you apply or work as a freelancer, the business owner informs you what they expect from you, because that is the most important thing, which they need to know.

If the business owner starts to think how to make you rich or achieve your dreams then there is something wrong with that business.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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