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Best Gambling Tips To Increase Winning Chances

Many people are addicted to gambling and lose so much money, for which they work hard. This article does not recommend you to gamble but only shows the possibilities of winning and reducing the chance of losing a big amount of money.


I am not an expert gambler, but I am one of the few people who more often win rather than lose. There are powerful principles to apply by gambling, which would be discussed later in this article. Before explaining those principles, I would like to share this story with you.

First time visiting a casino

One of my friends, who used to gamble a lot, came to me from time to time and asked me once to try my chance in gambling. We decided to play as a gambling partner for a maximum amount of 200 euros each of us shared the half. We won that night a small amount of money and enjoyed spending the night until 4:00 A.M.


Casino – Principles to increase winning chance by gambling

After almost a week, we decided to go again and play as gambling partner. This time within a few hours, we both won a reasonable amount of money by chance. I asked my friend to stop, but he took no notice of that and continued playing. Anyway, I managed to let him stop for a while. That night we won almost 2800 euros, and each of us shared 1400 euros. I suggested leaving the casino, but he strongly refused to do that.


He insisted to continue playing but this time for his own, because I decided to stop and wait for him in the bar. Time passed, and I watched him from distance. He had no intention to stop at all, but after a few hours, I saw him surprisingly leaving the table at which he was playing and came to me. From his sad face was clear that something unpleasant had happened. When we were driving home, he told me that he had lost all his money including what he had on his bank account.

Why some people can’t stop gambling until they lose?

There are reasons that people cannot stop gambling until they lose badly.

  •  Most people don’t understand the concept of possibilities, and they build false beliefs on something that they don’t have a clear idea about it.
  • They mostly hope that they some day become rich by gambling or they want to make it a source of income.
  • They haven’t self-discipline.

Understanding possibilities.

What makes casinos a business for the owner is that the possibility of winning for them is higher than that of the customers. Keep in mind that from that winning possibility, the casino pays the staffs, the place, other costs, expenses, and they make profits.


To make that clear we assume that the possibility of winning for the casino is 60% but that of the individual players is 40%. If you only think about that, you will understand that the chance to become rich by gambling is extremely small and gambling cannot be a source of income.



Would you ever open a shop for selling items cheaper than buying them? You will never do that because you know and understand that the result soon or later will be closing it. If the casino plays only one hour a day, there will be loosing possibility for them too, but it is open most of the time if not 24 hours a day and that guarantee the 60% winning for them. Visiting casinos very often is a wrong strategy for individual players because that would guarantee 60% losing for them.


To make that clear you can try to play this game. Put numbers from 1 to 100 inside a basket and try to pull each time a random number. If the number is from 1 to 40, then add one virtual dollar to your balance. You should reduce one dollar from your virtual balance if the number is from 41 to 100. If you play that game for a few hours, you will realize soon or later that you are losing.

Powerful principles to apply by gambling

Applying the following principles has proven that it works for me and I am sure that it is the same for everyone, but it demands self-discipline.

By applying the following principles, I never leave a casino with an unexpected sad result. I would recommend applying the following principles for gamblers, who can’t stop and want to take out the maximum advantage of gambling.

1- Determine the maximum amount of money that you can lose.

The common mistake, which people do, is that they go to the casinos with the hope that they win a big sum of money, but they face a painful situation when they ignore the concept of possibility. Each person has a limited amount of money to lose. Some people can lose in one night $100 while others can loose $1000 or even more depending upon their financial situations.


Take limited cash that you are preparing to lose that night. In that way, you cannot lose more than what you plan. For people who have self-discipline there is no need for that.

2- Never think to make an income from gambling or become rich

The reason is that the total chance of losing is bigger than winning for individual players as explained earlier in this article. However, it is not impossible, but it is not wise to put all your money on such a small possibility. If you truly want to make income from gambling, then spend your energy and make a plan to start your own small casino.

3- Let’s assume that you have limited your loss that night to $1000.

Each time you want to gamble you need to divide that night or day in several rounds. In the first round, you should not take risks because there will be a chance to lose your money fast, and that is not what you want. In the below diagram, you see a green area which represents the moments of winning for individuals while the red area represents the losing moments.

The green area is smaller because it is almost 40% while the red area is 60%.

Gmbling Winning Chances

Gambling Winning Chances


4- Whenever you are in the green area you should be ready to take a break.

The question is at which moment you need to take a break? I choose mostly the moment that I win almost 50%. For example, if you limited your loss that night to $1000, I would take a break as soon as I feel that I won $500.

5- Taking a break by winning $500 or having $1500 dollar totally.

After the first break, you can start all over again. You put $1250 in your wallet and play only with $250. At that moment, starts the second round and you need to limit your loss to $250. If you lose that you should definitely stop, but if you win, you can have fun by taking risks. In the second round, you take a break whenever you decide because you have won at least $250.


By applying, the steps above you limit your loss to an amount of money, but your winning chance would be open and increases each time your money survives a round. Only people can apply this method who really understand that gambling is only fun and can’t be a source of income or a fast method to become rich.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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