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Imagination Power – The Shocking Theory!

Imagination is a great tool to improve your life. Experiencing undesirable results and unwanted circumstances are mostly the result of practicing negative thoughts. The majority of people have the ability to imagine things, which have already happened in their realities.


Things which you don’t like are often things which you eventually experience them while the things which you do want are often things which you don’t have in the reality.

It requires more energy and mind training to imagine a position where you have never been. A person who practices a free imagination regardless of what happens in the reality develops his ability of imagination faster than others who are only thinking of what they see and feel with their five senses. Do you know that there are people who use their imaginations to change not only their own lives but the lives of all humans?


Can you imagine a father younger than his own son?

Thinking of a father younger than his own son reminds me a man who came up with a new idea that time runs slower as you speed up. According to that idea your heartbeats and all of your other movements slow down. Let’s assume that a person who is 22 years old has a two-year-old  son. We assume further that practically is possible for that person to travel through space at 99% of the speed of light and take a journey for five years.


When that person returned to earth, his age would be 27 years while his son on earth would be 38 years old. The five year which he spent on his journey was equal to 36 years on earth according to the dilation equation.

Can you imagine the possibility that someone 11 years younger than his own son? You might think that this idea is only an imagination, but it is not! That theory has been scientifically proven and the man who came up with that idea was Albert Einstein.


“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”Albert Einstein 

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein

By repeatedly practicing and using your thoughts you develop the ability of imagination gradually and the results of your reality grow with it. You might not notice the changes on a daily basis,  but you see the results after a period of time. The factors which affect the results are: practicing feeling good as long as possible and being positive. Avoiding wanting things very badly, which is vibrating lack and that results in blocking what you want.


If you see someone who feel good all the time, you may think that he might be lucky because we have no access to other people’s imaginations. Each time we say that something happens by chance we actually mean that we don’t understand or have no explanation how it happens. Many people might not believe that imagination can change their lives while there are people who use their imaginations to change the world!

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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