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Improve Your Chess Skills Using Your Mind Power!

Improving chess skills is the desire of every chess players. The traditional advice is studying chess tactics, strategies, openings, middle and end games, which are not the topic of this article. This article explains how to improve your chess skills by understanding the power of your own mind. All the skills, habits information you learn in your life have been stored somewhere in your mind like a database, which calls the subconscious mind.  Read More: Access To Your Subconscious Mind Power

Human Brain Skull Chess

Do you remember the way you have learned to read and write? In the beginning you needed to read each letter apart and then you could read the whole word. By repetition, you learn to read the whole word directly without reading each letter apart. What actually happened was that the skill of reading has been stored in your subconscious mind. Further, in this article you learn how to use that principle to improve your chess skills.


The examples below show what advanced chess players and chess masters can see directly in chess positions, while less advanced chess players cannot. To make it easier, I have chosen different chess positions and explain why chess masters and advanced chess players mostly choose better moves comparing to less advanced players and beginners. Let’s start with an important principle! Beginners and less advanced chess players focus on the pieces in the chess positions, but advanced players and masters focus on the areas (squares) that the pieces and the pawns control.


None of the pieces and pawns in chess can protect themselves. The power of the chess pieces is that they defend and attack other pieces and squares. By focusing on the controlled squares by the pieces and pawns, you can see the weaknesses of your opponent as well as yours faster and easier.You can compare this principle with the example of reading. When less advanced chess players look at a chess piece, they start looking at the piece and each controlled square by that piece apart. See the following diagram!

Advanced chess players see all of the controlled squares by the pieces at once as shown in the following diagram.

Realizing the influence of the pieces will completely affect your decision to choose better moves. Here below are some examples to understand that idea. Finding the best move in the following diagram is not difficult for chess masters and advanced chess players, but it is complicated for less advanced chess players and beginners.

Try to find the best move for white in the following diagram!

In the following diagram, the highlighted squares show the squares, which are controlled by the knight on e5 and the bishop on f6. If you could not find the best move in the previous diagram, you may try again to find the best move for white.

Chess diagram

In the above diagram, the highlighted squares show that black has no defense against checkmate. White should try to move one of his rooks to the eighth rank. The best move for white is either Rhd1 or Rbd1!

Black can delay the checkmate by playing Bc5+, Bb6 or Bd7 but he has no defense against Rh8 mate.
Ka3 is a weak move because black would play c2, rg1 or Bc5+ and he would have enough advantage to win the game.
In the following diagram, chess masters would see the best move fast, but less advanced chess players would waste a lot of time without being able to find the best move easily.

Capturing a Knight in a chess positon

If you could not find the best move then try to find that in the diagram below.

Can you feel how easier it is when you see at once all the squares, which are controlled (highlighted) by the knight on d5?


White capture a knight in a chess position

In the above diagram, you see that by playing e4 white can attack and capture the black knight on d5. The knight on d5 has no way to escape because his own queen occupies c7. If black plays Ne7, Nxf6, Nb6, Nxb4, Nc3, Ne3 or Nxf4 white can capture the knight.

The following game has been played between Alexander Alekhine (The fourth world champion) against black Nimzowitsch

Can you find the best move for white?

White Alexander Alekhine  Black Nimzowitsch

If you couldn’t find the best move, you might try to find that looking at the following diagram. All the possible moves of the black queen have been highlighted.


In the above diagram, the black Queen can be captured if white sacrifices his knight by playing Nxc5. That is exactly what Alekhine did. If you cannot see all the possible moves of the black queen, you will not be able to understand the advantage of sacrificing the knight.

The black Queen can only move to the highlighted squares d6, d5, f6, f5, g4 and h3.

chess positon A. Alekhine

The white Bishop on c2 will control f5 square if white sacrifices the knight.

Nxc5 opens two important files for white. First, is the d-file and the second file is the diagonal b1-h7.

If black takes the knight by playing bxc5 or Nxc5, white will play Rd6 following by capturing the Queen.

In the following chess problems white to move and mate in three.

Sar Maroof chess problems mate in 3

Mate in three.

To see the solutions of the problems, you can click on the following link! The problems are number 1, 2, 3 of the advanced level. Chess problems mate in 3 of level 2

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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