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Ignoring SEO Can Increase Your Website Traffic

When Google announced that they rank webpages higher by the number of their back links, many website owners started to exchange and sell links. Some people even used software to spread their website back-links on internet, because that was faster than doing it manually. Google has later penalized many of them, because they spread their links aggressively on internet. Finally, all those websites needed to remove their links to be indexed by google again.

Announcing a plan like that had two disadvantages for Google:

  • Many spammers have manipulated their policy.
  • It allowed competitors using that idea to improve their search results too.

Your business should not depend on any search engines

I have read stories of different small companies claiming that updating page rankings by google resulted in destroying their business. It is not Google in fact, which decides for business owners, but they allow their business to depend on search engines. Google is planning to personalize search results and that means you get different search results for specific keywords than your neighbors and others. That based on what Google think what each individual likes not on what they really want to see or read. I wonder what business owners can do about that.


The best way to avoid that kind of problems is to write for your audience and make your site for people not for machines. If they like your website, they will share it and make it viral for you. Discovering your audience and spending your time to understand them, will guarantee not only more views from them but also better search rankings. Doing so will force search engines to follow your plans not the other way around.


Search engines are followers not leaders

As far as I know there is no web crawlers, that can determine how good or bad a specific content is. Any search engine, which tries to evaluate a specific content, needs people to do that for them. The judgment of the public is the most important reason for search engine rankings. Once the public decides search engines obey that decision. After all, bots cannot buy your product or admire your work.


If you seek information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you will find hundreds of pages and websites explain you almost the same principles. There are also many professionals, who help companies to rank good by search engines. Some of them even make hard promises and claim that they can bring contents to the first page of the search results.


If any search engine tells the truth about their policies to the public, there will be always people, who can use some creativity to manipulate that. They might give you a general idea about their policies, but they hide the most important specific details from the public. If you truly want that your webpages rank high on google, then write the best you can for your audience. By doing so your audience will share your articles, bookmark them, return to them, stay longer reading your articles and finally the search engines rank your webpages based on those activities.


If some of that information is not available for them now, keep in mind that they use all their powers and create all the tools they need to get to that point.

Below are some of the signs for search engines by considering page rankings.

The factors that could be easy manipulated

The words in the pages, titles and links:

To my experience google ranks websites higher after they collect information about them and that can take months or even years. If you focus on the quality of the content, relevant words will be in your article automatically without trying to manipulate search engines. In the beginning, I could not find my webpages in google search results not even by typing exact sentences from those articles. After two years, some of my articles ranked number one not only for exact words but also for synonymous of those terms.


Difficult to manipulate by spammers

To my opinion, search engines focus more on factors that are difficult to manipulate by spammers.

  •  Reputation: The website owner, website and webpage reputations are important. If the website owner ever black listed for any kinds of illegal activities or spamming, that will affect the ranking of all his websites. Every search engine has its own rules and strategies of how serious they take those factors in consideration. Generally, older websites are mostly more reputable than new websites, because search engines know more about them. Usually nonprofit websites rank higher than commercial websites. That is also one of the reasons that search engines rank Wikipedia very high. It is difficult to manipulate reputation, because you cannot build it overnight. Spammers are people who want to grow fast and therefore reputation does not fit in their agendas.
  • The time that people stay on a website: Nowadays there are millions of webpages, but people have little time to waste on them.  If visitors stayed hours on a website, that could indicate of a quality content.
  • The number of visitors that bookmark your webpages and return regularly could raise your Google traffic drastically.
  • The number of people who share a webpage regularly can result in a high ranking.
  • Back-links on high quality websites

Some of the above webpage information might be hard for Google to find out, but that would be their goal for the future. They offer website owners a great tool like Google Analytics free. Using that tool benefits business owners to get information about their web statistics, but it also helps Google to use that info to improve their search results.

If you write pure and only for your audience, you will save your time and avoid thinking what machines want from you. In fact, machines want exactly what your audience wants to see and read. Keep in mind that soon or later search engines find a way to come closer to what people want.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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