How to visualize for wealth?

How to visualize for wealth?

Visualization is a great technique to remove mental blocks

Not everyone necessarily dreams to be rich but it is important for everyone to be aware of the financial freedom. If you had ever failed to achieve a goal, you might have blamed the place where you live, the people, your parents, anything or anyone except yourself. Have you ever considered that you could have mental blocks? If that was the reason, then visualization would help you to remove that.


An example is a shy person who would realize that being so would affect his life negatively. If he decides consciously to change that, will that person succeed to overcome shyness immediately? The answer is that he cannot, because his subconscious mind, which is dominant forces him to be shy until he succeeds to reprogram it. Realizing consciously to improve your lifestyle, character or anything about yourself is great, but your conscious decision is only the beginning. You need further to convince yourself unconsciously.


It has been scientifically proven that we all use the conscious and the subconscious mind, which is almost 90% of the mind and runs our lives. You can compare this to an iceberg, which has a small visible part above the water while its greatest invisible part is under the water. Read moreover Access to your subconscious mind power.


A person who wants to be rich, but cannot achieve that might blame everything, and everyone around him except the fact that his unconscious mind could be against his goal.

Why would the subconscious mind prevent someone from being rich?

Almost everyone who grows up in a poor or a middle-class family would hear many negative statements about money and rich people. Like “money is the root of all evil”, “wealthy people are greedy.”, “you can’t buy love” or “you can’t buy health”. Those false statements implant negative beliefs about money in the subconscious mind. Ask yourself the question! Can being broke give you what you want better than having money?


If all the rich people are so bad and greedy, why do poor and middle class people serve them and help them to be even richer? People who listen to those statements repeatedly would be programmed not to have wealth. It is true that some wealthy people care only about their money. However, that wouldn’t  make all of them bad, because there are also among them who work very hard. Find good reasons to convince yourself that not all wealthy people are awful because you cannot be rich as long as you think like that.

Your subconscious mind protects you not to be bad because that is what you think about having wealth. Humans use the word “bad” to stick it always on the forehead of others. Bad person is always some one else, never themselves even the most dangerous criminals are sure that they are good but bad people are others.

What is good or bad?

We all use words like good people or bad people, but what we actually mean is that we like that type of people, or they have some similarity with us. I have watched many documentaries about organized crimes. Many people call them mafia or criminals, but what they call themselves is “Men of Honor.” There are also many criminals who don’t see themselves as criminals but as people who have no better options in their hard lives. Try to find some positive arguments about rich people and money! For example, you can call money the source of your freedom. If you have enough money, you don’t need to work hard for rich people.


Do some researches to find some type of wealthy people that you like and learn from them. Change those opinions and try to understand that there is no such a thing as all rich people are bad or all poor people are good! It does not make any sense to judge people based on their financial situations. Being good or bad is a relative concept and it depends upon who judges. You can read everyday affirmations, like “I am wealthy,” or “I like rich people” but the problem is that you would filter those affirmations consciously. It is not the affirmation, which helps you to change the way you think, but the feeling and believing in that reprograms your subconscious mind.

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 What can you expect from visualization?

If you think that visualization makes you rich quickly, that is not how it works and it is better not to disappoint yourself by not being patient. Understanding the following points are very important to get your desirable results.

  • Are you visualizing every day at least twice, or you only do that sometimes and you know that visualization may change your financial situation? It is not the knowledge which changes the reality but applying it!
  • Visualization is implanting an idea in the subconscious mind, but to manifest that in the physical world you need to take action. Are you an active person? Do you take action to manifest what you want despite your fears? Remember that failure is the way to success, but not taking action keeps you where you are. Read moreover Taking action starts the manifestation process. One of my favorite quotes is “Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm” Winston Churchill.

What has been your mind programmed for?

Most poor and middle-class people have been programmed for that financial level. It takes more time for a poor person to manifest wealth than a person who was already wealthy but because of some reason lost his wealth and business. That reminds me a bank, which suddenly lost the trust of its customers, and they all demanded their money. The bank couldn’t pay all of them that is why it has gone bankrupt. After a period, I saw the director of that bank in the cover of a book. I understood that he wrote a book and tried his chance with writing, but why didn’t he apply for a job? Could it be because he knows that it wouldn’t lead to what he wants?


It is important to understand that reprogramming the subconscious mind takes time. The previous example shows that changing being shy is not only a conscious decision, but it helps to start reprogramming the mind. If you reprogram your unconscious mind for wealth, self-confidence or overcoming shyness then you achieve those goals automatically without your awareness. If you ask a person who is self-confident, how did you achieve that? He mostly doesn’t know the answer, because that happens unconsciously.

How to visualize wealth?

There are two main purposes of visualization. The first one is to reprogram your subconscious mind or allowing yourself to become wealthy. The second one is to apply the universal law of attraction. According to the LOA, you attract everything into your life by focusing on it. Read moreover! What is the law of attraction?


The common way of visualization is to watch video tools or pictures at least twice a day. One time when you get up in the morning and once in the evening before you go to bed. You need to relax and feel good when you visualize. Try to bring your mind in a drowsy state, because most of the time you filter the messages consciously. By being in a sleepy state, you would turn your conscious mind filter off and that would help to transfer the images and the ideas to your subconscious mind. That is also the reason why you need to visualize in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.


During visualization, you should avoid negative feelings but try to feel that you already have what you visualize. There are several visualization videos on LoaSite, because people are different. Some people could like a specific tool and, but that could be very different for others. Choose and only use the tools, which resonate with you and make you feel good! After a few days, you would see everywhere the things that you visualize.

If you visualize money and wealth, for example, you would see and hear on TV things about money and wealthy people, you would hear from a friend how someone lives in abundance, you would visit a place of a rich lifestyle or you would hear how someone inherits a fortune, but having that would take time. In the beginning seems all to be coincidences, but they are not. The reason is that you attract circumstances and things, which you focus on according to the LOA. To start visualization click on Money Visualization Videos! I have shared through LoaSite many free images. You can download and use them not only for visualization purposes, but also in commercial projects and websites. Click here for free money images!

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