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How To Learn Any Language Fast Using Your Mind Power?

Understanding how your subconscious mind works, makes it easier and faster to learn any language quickly. The method, which I am going to present you, helped me to learn several new languages with fewer efforts than any other traditional methods. Any skills and languages you learn are stored in your subconscious mind, which is almost 90% percent of your mind. Read More: Access To Your Subconscious Mind Power

By learning languages, you learn each word once, but you use them repeatedly and in different sentences. If you understand a movie of almost two hours in any languages, that will help you to understand some percentage of other movies and conversations of the same language.

How children learn their mother language?

Children listen repeatedly to people’s conversations without mostly paying attention to them.  We rarely tell children the meaning of each word, but they learn most of the words by observation and listening continuously. Sometimes they speak a whole sentence like parrots without understanding it. The natural way of learning languages is the way that children learn and they learn it accentless. You can use the same method to learn any foreign language you want but we assume in this example that you want to learn German.

Required tools and requisites

  1. Find an interesting movie with an intensive dialogue and little actions in German of almost 120 minutes with German under titles.
  2. It would be useful to have the complete dialogue text of the movie in German.
  3. The movie sound must be very clear. Convert the sound to mp3 or any other music format, so that you can listen to it using an mp3 player.

If you know a German person, then you can ask him/her to help you choosing the right movie. I have in the past made some mistakes by choosing historical movies in which they used old language. Only later, I realized that I have learned many old words. Try to avoid that kind of mistakes and to be sure of that, ask a native German whether the dialogue is the official language. That will guarantee that you do not learn a dialect of a small village in Germany.


1- The first week intensive listening

Start to listen to the mp3 sound as often as you can. You need to be ready to make that movie dialogue your favorite music. Listen repeatedly to it at least 10 times. You do not need necessarily to focus on it or understand anything but listen to it while you are driving, walking somewhere.. etc.  Your subconscious mind starts to absorb the sentences and the dialogue by repeatedly listening to them. If you can also listen to it while you sleep, that will be also helpful. That helps to learn while you are even sleeping because of the following reasons:

  1. The subconscious mind absorbs and learns by repetition.
  2. The subconscious mind never sleeps unlike the conscious mind, which sleeps almost 8 hours a day.

The result of the first week

After a week listening intensively to that movie dialogue, you start to memorize many sentences and become familiar with the whole dialogue. You still do not understand a word what they say just like a child who can repeat sentences without understanding them.

You start like children to say the sentences exactly how native people say them in the movie. The funniest thing is that you get a strong tendency to say the sentences with them without understanding what they say. It becomes very exciting to watch the movie with scenes and know those actors, what they are talking about, and what the movie is all about.

2- The second week

Divide the second week in two parts;

a- Part 1 The first 2 days

Take the whole dialog text and write the meaning of all the words above them. While you are doing this part, you have an idea how to read those sentences. By writing the meaning of the words, you understand for a great percentage what the movie is about. When I applied this method, I needed to search each word from a dictionary, but internet and new technologies make that easier. Read the dialog several times in German until you feel that you understand the movie. If you still do not understand it in German, then use google translator to read the dialogue first in the language you want.

b- Part 2 The last 3 days

The last 3 days you are going to do the most exciting part of the process, which is watching the movie.

When you watch the movie, you are familiar with what they say.  Use the pause button each time you feel that you cannot understand the conversation. In the beginning of learning any languages, your mind processes the sentences slowly. You need to watch the movie several times until you understand the whole movie without pushing the pause button.

What further?

Repeating those steps for the second movie becomes much easier, because you know already a basic of the language and some of the words you know already. I mostly use this method and repeat it using several movies, interviews and news. News is more difficult than movies, because the newsreader speaks faster and it is an intensive speech. It is wiser not to start with news until you repeat those steps for three movies.

Each time you watch a movie, discussion and news you need to reduce the time you spend with it because in the beginning you have not the basic knowledge of that language.

Advantage of this method

  1. Native people understand you easily and you learn to speak the language with little accent.
  2. You can understand native people easily because you learn each word and sentence from them. You become familiar with the way that native people pronounce each word and sentence.
  3. Spending most of your time doing what you want to do and studying the language without being fully busy with the learning process.
  4. It helps you to understand how your mind works and how to use that power to learn other skills.  Read More: Access To Your Subconscious Mind Power

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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