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How To Choose Supportive Knowledge And Beliefs?

The main goal of every living being is to survive and stay alive. That applies to tiny creatures like bacteria as well as giant animals as elephants and whales including us. Many animals out there are far more stronger than we are, but we became the master of this planet. That is because of the large brain we have and the advantage of our thinking skills.


The Society and culture affect our beliefs?

We have been taught to believe in some illusions, which we truly believe that they are the truth. We do not check out our false beliefs until some facts prove that we are wrong then we reconsider that specific opinion. All our beliefs, which start from the childhood until this moment, stay in our subconscious mind and we often consider them as self-evident.


Do you know that jugging information as true or false determines many aspects of your life? Many people spend their entire lives allowing others to mislead them.  If you believe everything you hear, your knowledge harm you more than you ever think. If you decide not to believe anything, you cannot learn much. Everyone needs to develop the skill of choosing what to believe and what to learn.


A few decades ago, knowledge was expensive that is why many people could not afford it. Now it is so cheap that you have to find a way to choose between unlimited sources. The critical mind filter of individuals should be very active because without it a lot of garbage becomes part of the subconscious beliefs. Once you allow that, your life becomes miserable and you allow others to take advantage of you.

Judging Beliefs

So many people discuss the fact what to believe and why to believe something but not other. There are millions of books, magazines, newspapers, websites, TV channels and videos out there, most of which spread information for little rewards or even free. In our modern lives, we have unlimited sources of information. That is why we need to develop a skill to choose and decide which idea passes from the critical mind filter to our subconscious mind.


It is not an easy task to choose, because convincing the masses and studying how their minds work make fortunes for some powerful groups of people. We all without exception have some garbage in our minds, which might serve others against our wishes.

How can we trust our minds?

The truth is that the subconscious mind is irrational and you can program it to believe any false opinion as the truth. The following methods can be our guides to find out what to believe.

1- Evidences and results

Evidences are necessary even for the ideas that your mind easily accept. How do we know that science offers the truth? It is not necessary that we search out the ultimate truth, because in some cases it is difficult to be certain about that. It is handier to think whether an idea works. Scientific ideas and theories come with results and products like technology, conquering the space, transportation, buildings and more. You do not need to believe in it but applying science simply works and it is useful for all of us.


The reality shows us that science makes our life easier, but that does not mean that it is the ultimate truth. Nature proves to us that even its laws that mathematically work could be more complicated than what we know. For centuries, human kind believed that a length of 1 meter for example is one meter and time is constant under every circumstance. Later Albert Einstein came with his relativity theory and proved that time and lengths are not constant, but they both depend upon speed.


That does not mean that our ideas about them were false but what we knew was true under a special circumstance. That made our old knowledge part of a general theory. All the cultures in the world accept science, because it simply works. We see that countries like United States, Europe, Africa, China, India, Japan and other parts of the world accept science. Some of those nations apply them to produce computers, mobiles, satellites, planes and they use it in their space programs.

2- Testability

Another example is that sometimes truth does not bring a direct product or result, but it is testable. An example is that Jack is 180 cm tall and Jack is exactly as tall as George is. From that info, we conclude that George is also 180 cm. That conclusion based on a logical explanation and it is testable. Sometimes a period of time requires for the results to show up.  You cannot be a good pianist in two days for example, but you must be patient and practice it for months or even years.

3- Possibilities

Researches can be a guide to the truth. If someone cannot swim then we have no idea how long it takes him to learn that. However, researches which have done for thousands people can help us to find out how long it takes for an average person to learn swimming. If thousands people can learn swimming by practicing in a specific period of time, then that applies almost to everyone. However, there could be always some exceptions. If researches of millions of people show for example, that vegetarians live longer than others, we can use that result as an indication of the possible truth.


There are lots of beliefs among nations like religions and some cultural beliefs. Religions for example came with a lot of claims like life after death and the idea of paradise and hell. Religious claims can only be tested after death, because their god is silent as a grave and never proves his existence. Every believer can have doubts about religions, because there is no method to test the idea nor do they bring results in this life. If you believe in any religion, you start to visit the place where those people come together; you associate yourself with them and pay them for their activities. Above all, you listen to their leaders and accept to follow his opinion and that will affect the results of your life.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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