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How language contributes to our consciousness?

In my hypothesis about consciousness, I explained that consciousness is the mind access to knowledge about the reality and the world including us. Language made the mind access to information very easy, because through language we have access to knowledge of others. We do not need to experience everything in our lives while we can learn from other people by communicating with them and knowing every detail about their experiences.


That helps us to learn more in a shorter time, which contributes to our consciousness. By learning writing, we get access to knowledge and experiences of historical facts and other information that happened in the past. Books allow humankind to read scientific theories and philosophies of wisdom people throughout history. All that easy access to information contributes to our consciousness.

The important factors that raise consciousness level are:

1- The quantity of the mind knowledge about the reality including ourselves

2- The mind access speed to that knowledge determines also the level of consciousness

Survival is among the most important priority for every living being no matter which level of consciousness they have. Consciousness and knowing the truth help humankind to survive.

Different types of communications using languages

1- Direct language (live communication)

Speaking directly to one person or a group people and sharing our knowledge and experiences with them helps us to learn faster and raise our consciousness. Telling people about our experiences also helps us to memorize them. Other species cannot tell each other all detail of their experiences and that is why they forget them faster. A chimp, which survives an attack of a predator cannot share that experience with all the detail, because of the lack of an advanced language. He might forget the attack because of not imagining it repeatedly.  Repetition helps us to program our subconscious mind and memorize our experiences whether by telling people or imagining our experiences.

2- Language in the form of texts (books, magazines, newspapers…Etc.)

This form of communication gives us access to knowledge and experiences that has happened throughout history. That information could be in the past, present or in the future. Think about news for example that just happened or happening while you are somewhere else. There are philosophers, scientists and thinkers who predict the future based on scientific facts. Examples are the periodic table of elements by Mendeleev and the evolution theory by Charles Darwin, which predicts how humans and other species evolve in the future.

3- Language in the form of sound and videos (movies, documentaries, TVs, Radios…Etc.)

Technology made it possible for humans to access information with pictures and sounds. That form of communication allows us accessing information at the time we need. An example you do not need necessarily to be in Africa to observe wild animals in the nature.  There are thousands of videos, which allow us to watch many kinds of species in the wild. Those videos allow us to study different species and understand how they act and survive.It is difficult to imagine how the Big Bang happened and the universe started. If one person can imagine that, he can turn his imagination into a documentary film. Using this method helps people to share even their imaginations.

Language helps human being to memorize knowledge in their minds and that is one of the great tools of our consciousness. Language makes communication and access to other minds easy and fast. Through language, an individual does not need to experience everything by his own, but learn from each other. Storing all that information in the mind raises our level of consciousness. The difference between the consciousness of humans and animals is the access to the knowledge about the reality. If chimp’s brain for example can access to the same basic human’s knowledge, he might become a conscious living being like us.


Language is one of the great tools that have helped humans to be more conscious than any other living being. We might forget what we experience in our lives but when we tell our stories and share it with others, we memorize them easier. Giving each other tips and share our opinions is a great quality of humans. Animals have no complex language, that is why they forget their experiences or they must repeatedly experience them to learn in their short lives.

We forget the details of learning consciously

Consciousness involves in learning but the information we learn stores in the subconscious mind. When we learn a new skill like swimming, we do it automatically. Therefore, we cannot teach someone else immediately to learn it, because the subconscious mind learns slowly. When decades ago I could not swim, I asked swimmers how they did that. They could not explain it because they had no idea how the subconscious mind works.


They usually said that I needed to move my arms and legs like them, but that did not work for me. I later experienced all the procedures and little by little, the skill of swimming became part of my subconscious mind. If I now use all my power to forget swimming, I will not succeed. The reason is the subconscious mind is involved with learning any skills. Without understanding your unconscious mind, you will not be able to clarify many of your habits and skills.

Lack of language makes animals less conscious than us

Animals have also methods to learn and teach their caps, but lack of an advanced language makes their communications difficult. Lions for example work in teams and they use their skills to work together when they hunt. Predators teach their caps how to hunt at the moment they actually do that. Their caps must watch the whole hunting procedure live to learn. If they had access to a tool like language they could tell them any time and not only in the time of the action. Other species have little access to knowledge and they cannot share their experiences in a fast way, because the language that they use is very primitive and does not support sharing information on a high level.


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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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