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How Did I Increase The Direct Traffic Of My Website To 62%?

You need to avoid dependency on any products that owned by a specific group of people. When the mass addict to any product, that makes the owners of that product powerful. When a human being has access to power he cannot handle it without abusing it. Unfortunately that is human’s nature.


I have read some stories of small entrepreneurs who went bankrupt, because google excluded their pages from its search results. LoaSite is one of my websites which was for almost 60% dependent on Google traffic. Only 20% of this website visitors came from a direct traffic. I have done my research to avoid my website traffic dependency on Google and any other third party. Keep in mind that Google offers a great service, but no matter what he offers you need to think seriously to avoid being dependent on any third parties.

Why you need to focus on direct traffic?

Direct traffic is the sort of traffic where visitors type your website url directly, bookmark your page, receive a link to your website per email or subscribe to your RSS Feeds. Direct traffic is also the independent traffic to your website. That means that there is no third party between you and your website visitors. People who choose to visit your website directly are the most important visitors you can get. Direct traffic visitors are not affected by Google or any other third party policies or page rankings. They are the most likely visitors who share your pages and spend time on your website.

My action to increase direct traffic

I have created a box of links and added them to all the pages of my website, which offered visitors the possibility to come back directly. The buttons made it easier for them to bookmark any page they like, email any article they wish to their friends, subscribe to LoaSite news. But the most effective one is the button that allows my visitors to subscribe to RSS Feeds. I did not notice the result immediately, but after a few months, the percentage of the direct traffic was increasing fast. That is may be also the reason that Google Chrome does not support RSS Feeds.


This action has changed my dependency on Google drastically. My direct visitors percentage at this moment is 62%. All the search engines together including Google brings only 37% of my website traffic. Only 1% of my visitors are from external websites and social media.




I needed to spend a lot of time to find out what really works. fortunately, you do not need to do the same if your website traffic depends on any third parties. All you need is taking a direct action to change that as soon as you can. You are of course welcome to use my strategy and even the same type of buttons and links I use on this website.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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