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How Did Stalin Test Wolf Messing’s psychic abilities?

Wolf Messing was born to a Jewish family in Poland on the 10th of September, 1899. He was known for his psychic abilities. Once he was asked a question during one of his performances about the possible Nazi invasion of Poland. He answered, if Hitler invade the East, he will lose the war and that will be the fall of Germany. When the World War II broke out, Messing escaped to the USSR.


As a test of Messing’s psychic ability, Stalin asked him to withdraw 100,000 rubles from a bank where he had no account. Stalin also sent Soviet agents to watch him as witnesses outside as well as inside the bank.

Messing went to the bank and gave the cashier a blank paper, surprisingly the cashier went to the save and took the money for him. Messing went out easily with the money, but later came back to the cashier and told him what happened. According to the story the cashier got heart attack, but he survived.


Messing claimed that the second test was that Stalin asked him to enter his house without having his own permission pass. In the second test Messing also succeeded to enter the house then he entered Stalin’s office while he was working. Messing claimed that he used a mental suggestion to the guards that he was Lavrenti Beria.



How Did Einstein & Freud test Messing’s psychic abilities?

In Berlin Messing was performing as a mind-reader. The success of his performances allowed him to introduce to great people of that time like Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud. They Einstein and Freud were willing to test Messing’s psychic abilities. According to the story Freud have sent a mind command asking Messing to pluck three hairs from Einstein’s mustache using a pair of tweezers. Messing did exactly what Freud had in his mind. On November the 8th 1974 Wolf messing died. His wife claimed that Messing years before predicted the date of his death exactly as happened.



The question is whether we accept those tests as evidences and that Messing had psychic abilities. His test performances by Stalin could be part of a war propaganda. We all know that politicians are mostly professional liars. In the third test, two scientists were involved, I know that capitalism is a money system, but reputable scientists are difficult to bribe.


However, I personally find the story of Grigori Rasputin more persuasive, because he succeeded to become one of the most powerful figure in Russia. He managed even to expand his power over tsar’s family and that is too much for an ordinary man to achieve without some special abilities. Read More: Did Grigori Rasputin Use Paranormal Power?


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Author: Sar Maroof
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