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How Consciousness Created God?

If you tell a 3 years old child that an intelligent creator has designed this universe, he does not understand what you say nor does he need that kind of information. If you try to explain a chimpanzee that god exists, he will not pay attention to you nor does he buy that kind of claims. Because the level of chimp’s consciousness is below the level of understanding god.  If you offer a key of a palace to a Gorilla, he will not take it. Because being free in the nature is more important to him than all the palaces in the world.


I have seen children from different cultures started to worry and asked questions about death. Those questions arise in the mind of children from the age of almost 5 to 7 years. When children realize and become aware of the fact that every living being dies including them, they start to search for hope and solace. At that moment, they are ready to accept the idea of an intelligent designer. The reason is not because they love god or appreciate a creator, but it serves their purposes.



Children at that level of consciousness are ready to accept any religions. No matter which one you offer them at that time, they accept it. Once you choose the religion, which is mostly the one, in which the parents and the culture believe, programming the subconscious mind of the child starts to adopt that specific religion. There are other factors, which determine a successful subconscious programming and help to associate him to a specific religion.

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  1. Children trust their parents, therefore their minds are suggestible for them and they accept their points of view as the truth.
  2. The parents can still fail to program the child’s mind to accept their religion, because he/she has contact with the outside world. If the culture affirms that belief, then that supports the mind programming process. However, if the parents are Christian for example and the family for some reason migrate to Japan, then that could hinder the process of programming his mind. At school and outside home he hears about other beliefs, as Shinto, Buddhism and that will raise his doubts about what his parents teach him.
  3.  Repetition is a powerful method to program the subconscious mind. That is also the reason that parents who strongly believe in their religions and practice their religious rituals with their children regularly can pass it easier to them.

On the other hand, if parents do not offer any religious ideas to their children and leave the choice to them until they become adults, they would not be able to convince them later. The reason is that adults have already their own opinions about this world. And their critical mind filter rejects new ideas unless you provide them evidences.

Self-interest and subjectivity

Self-interest is a powerful reason for people to accept illusions especially when they have no alternative beliefs. Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher said, “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth, because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”

The fact of being aware of death and realizing it, is one of the most painful truths that evolving brain revealed to us. Consciousness does not like the fact and the idea of death. Truth is sometimes too hard to accept, but once you accept it you will start to live with it. And you do not need to build your life on illusions.

Some creationists eat animals like lams and pigs. They pray and say to god, “Thanks god you have created that healthy meat for us. According to researches, thousands people every year are eaten by predators. If those predators were conscious enough to express their opinions, they would also pray and say; Thanks universe that you made our bodies stronger than humans and you have created that delicious food for us!  On the other hand, viruses and tiny creatures would also pray and say; thanks universe for creating human’s body for us, we live inside it and it supplies us the food we need.

We know that animals have their own lives and they are simply not food but it is self-interest that we justify killing them.

Why do people believe in god?

As far as I know, it is not known in which period of evolving process humans started to be aware of suffering and death. Of course, living beings can suffer and die but being aware of that requires a high level of consciousness.  I think that from that period people started to search for comfort and a creator that has the power desired by them. They started to develop that idea, because it gives the illusion of a happy end to this life. They mostly excluded animals from that, because humans have no interest in animal’s happiness. In most cases they are not even interested in other people’s happiness, but they consider them customers to sell them religious ideas.

The Paradise promised by god

Why religions claim that only humans enjoy paradise and only humans have soul. What would be wrong with the idea of a happy virus or chimpanzee in the paradise? The place is actually not material and there will be room for every living being. According to DNA tests and the evolution theory, Chimpanzees are the closest living being to humans. But we deny taking them with us. Paradise is actually the best place for animals not for human beings, because it is boring to live forever in a place where you can do only primitive things. In this life people don’t want to die, because there are so much to discover. In the paradise dying would be the only way to escape from a prison where you have nothing to do. Everything that available in the paradise belongs more to animals and primitive people, because people who created the idea lived similar to animals.


Religions tell us that we should believe in god, because god has made us very special. We are conscious and aware of our existence. The truth is the other way around. Living beings need a consciousness level to believe and create god. We only appreciate and buy ideas when we need them. The idea of god is a great hope for people to feed their illusions. There are various reasons why people want to believe in god. One of those reasons is that they are conscious and know for sure that someday they will leave this world. In an imaginary world that suffering and death wouldn’t exist, no one would ever buy the idea of god.


There are three main reasons why people believe in the idea of god.

  1. People want to live forever. Natural laws do not promise us that illusion, but the idea of god does.
  2. When people suffer in this world, they hope that a powerful creator exist to save them.
  3. Leaders and powerful people support, spread and sell the religious ideas, because it helps them to control the crowd. It is easier to manipulate people who are slaves of god than free mind people.

Atheism against religion

For thousands years different religions have been developed and each religion has several versions. If there is one god then he must interfere and tell people the truth. If thousands versions of religions develop on earth, there will be no reaction of god. Atheists reject all of the gods despite all the promises and claims of the religions and their hopes. I have met different religious people who say that; if there is no life after death, then I will lose nothing. Atheists can follow the same trick, but studying the natural laws, universe and history will convince you that god was only a hope, creations and imaginations of the prophets. Each of them describes him on his own way.

The consciousness level that needs god

There are no evidences prove that any species practice any kinds of believing in an intelligent creator.  If chimp’s consciousness evolves in the future and reaches the level of realizing death, they might start to believe in some kind of an intelligent creator. Humans will sell them the idea and let them work hard as slaves. Life does not always go the way individuals wish. We all admire a powerful creator who can do everything and has the power to decide everything which cannot be done by humans.

To admire that character and appreciate his work, he needs to do something for us like saving us from death. And promise us a world without suffering, which is paradise. There is no such a thing in the reality that is why we created that character.


Humankind was always searching for a powerful intelligent creator for their hopes. They created statues and worshiped them. They believed that god was thunder, fire, sun, imaginary god and many different shapes and things. Most of those ideas have failed, because they realized that they had no power and did not help them. Most creationists say that god created universe, because the universe is too complicated to be existed without a creator. If there is any creator of the universe, the creator is more complicated and there must be a creator for that creator.


An exact moment when humans started believing in god is unknown, but to my opinion was that in a period when they had the level of consciousness to be aware of death and suffering. Consciousness has problems with suffering and death and that is part of the survival mechanism. The following chart shows an estimate century that human being started to be aware of death and suffering.


God can do nothing in this world not even prove his existence, but he can do everything in nowhere, which is after death. If there was a god who asked people to be his slave, he would at least convince them that he existed. Humankind use slaves to work for them, but why would god who has all the power need slaves? There is no humans who deny viruses, electrons, cells and other tiny things, but millions of people are denying god.


If you study god deeper and research his existence, you will find out the reason why primitive people in the desert have created him.To understand anything in this world you should think and study it as deep as you can, but religious leaders tell us not to think and not to doubt and accept god blindly otherwise we will be punished!

Apparently, it is not good to understand god, because if you understand him you will never accept him!

The final word

If you are a believer and you can sleep good at night without any doubts, that is what everyone dreams of. There should be no conflict between true believers and atheists, because people have right to believe in what makes them feel good. However, believers are responsible to prevent any groups or leaders abusing them and encourage them to fight for spreading their religion. If people do not like paradise you cannot force them to enter it!

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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  2. Are humans the only species that have spiritual tendency? I would like to see some researches, if chimps have some kind of spiritual side too.

  3. Some of the points are authentic, but saying “God does not exist” is heresy. This is not biblical and it is dangerous. For sure there will be a divine judgement…

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