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Top 5 Great Habits By Dealing With Problems

There is no doubt that being positive can result in creating and attracting positive circumstances, but some people misunderstand that and try to avoid problems to remain positive. It is not a right strategy to ignore our problems, because they mostly become bigger overtime. We all face different problems almost every day. The most effective ways to handle problems is considering them as challenges and focusing on solving them. Unsuccessful people spend weeks and months complaining and describing their problems while successful people spend hours to solve them.


Technology has solved many of our problems, but the solutions generated new problems. We need now to learn much more and spend more time and energy on learning. We often use search engines to solve computer and software problems. Smart people create the habit and the attitude of loving problems, because they see opportunities to help people or starting a successful business by solving them. If scientists created a machine, that stores information easy and fast in the subconscious mind, that would generate other problems to deal with. People will use that machine to store as much as knowledge as they can in their minds, because otherwise they remain behind. Capitalism is a system, which does not support being average! Your knowledge may be good enough in our time but all what we know would be very little in the future.


In fact facing problems is an opportunity to grow and change your life. Some people even get inspired and turn the solution of problems into a successful business. We grow and learn by solving problems permanently and by changing our attitudes towards them, we can change our lives. Most entrepreneurs are in fact problem solvers whether they offer products or services.

The five great habits by handling problems

It is important that you create a new habit by dealing with problems. Here below are five steps to follow.

1- Be positive

It is important to avoid being negative and sad, because feeling bad makes problems more complicated than they are.  Being positive and by keeping that feeling is a great weapon to use against any problems. It is hard to create that habit overnight, but applying a positive attitude gradually and repeatedly becomes a new habit.

2- Studying the causes of the problem

To solve problems you need mostly to understand them and eliminate the causes so that you do not face the same problem repeatedly. There is lots of information to read online and search engines help to access them easily. Find people who solved that kind of problems and learn what they have to offer from similar experiences.

3- Focus on the solution

In this step, you think and use all your creativities to solve the problem. See it as a challenge, because that helps you to grow and learn from it. So many people by dealing with problems start to call their relatives and friends one by one to complain that they are so unlucky. They feel bad about it and try to prove that they are victims. If your goal is to be a victim, then that method is the best way to follow. However, if you think that someone might help you to solve the problem, contact only that person. Try to avoid feeling bad and complaining, but focus only on the solution.

After finding the solution of your problems, you might consider the next two steps.

4- Using your solution to help people

When you find the solution of your problem, think that many people might have the same problem and they might learn from your experience. If your solution worked for you, it might also work for others. Try to write about it and publish it. Many websites out there offer individuals a free service to publish their own articles. Helping people is a great way to keep you positive and feel good. People nowadays like to learn from individual experiences rather than paying organizations and companies for solutions. Many bloggers out there publish their life experiences and they attract extremely numbers of visitors every day.

5- Business from solving problems

Many people became extremely famous and successful by solving problems. There is nothing wrong with using solutions to help other people. In fact, most companies are offering services or products to solve problems. Sometimes the solution is only answering big questions. Think about the relativity theory by Albert Einstein, which offered a solution for scientific problems. The evolution theory by Charles Darwin explains the origin of humans and other species. Steve Jobs came with technological solutions. Thomas Edison invented lamp to solve the problem of darkness and offered a better solution than the old products.



From now on, consider every problem as a potential power that guides you to a better life. If it is your individual problem, then solving it will make you happy and positive. You may offer the solution and help others or it might be the birth of your success. Think how to offer that solution to people! It is not wise to be afraid of problems, because we are dealing with them in our entire lives. The difference is that some people are focusing on the problems that is why they become negative, but people who focus on the solutions they become stronger and grow.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein.

Successful people often search business opportunities in solutions

Most successful people and entrepreneurs are helping and solving problems of others. A search engine like Google has no information, but it offers a fast access to the knowledge you need. Facebook makes it easy and fast for people to contact their friends and relatives. That is important in our modern lives because we are often at work and have little time to maintain our social lives. Those companies are solving problems through their websites. Their solutions attract millions of visitors.


Some people can also accept illusion of solving problems. No one can deny that consciousness has difficulties to deal with death. Throughout history, different people came with the idea that dying is the start of another life for individuals. They did not have any evidences but the illusion of solving the problem made their ideas popular. The illusion of solving death and suffering gave the birth to many religions. Unfortunately, many became successful and achieved their goals by creating problems. For example, investors and owners of weapon industries create wars to sell their products. Keeping yourself close to problems can be very effective to change your life!


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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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