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The Evidences Are Against God!

The purpose of this article is to provide information about the idea of an intelligent creator and the religions based on the design of this universe. People who have open mind can benefit of this information because everything can be discussed. It is important to understand that all our beliefs, skills and habits have been stored in our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious rational mind and can believe and accept irrational ideas.


That concept answers the question, why people can’t be open for other beliefs than the one, which they already have! You can program people’s mind to adopt any false ideas, no matter how irrational it is. Many political parties and companies have used that principle for the purpose of mind manipulation and marketing.  Read More: Access To Your Subconscious Mind Power

Who is god?

Every human being on earth would like to know who god is and what kind of power he has. There are three well-known religions, which believe in god’s existence. Unfortunately, all the three prophets of those religions are dead. Therefore, they can’t help any researches about the existence of god.


Fortunately, there are references and evidences that not only help people in this century to find out the truth but those evidences will remain for everyone forever. We need those references because god never answers questions, never reacts to anything that happens, never protests against false claiming, never updates his books and never contacts people.


Some religions claim that god has all the power, and he has created the universe, space and everything in it. Furthermore, he has designed all the laws of nature and has the power to do anything at once. If god exists and he designed this universe, then we have important references, which are the universe and the natural laws. Understanding natural laws and everything what god has designed tells us what he wants and how he thinks.

For now, we assume that god exists and the universe is part of his design.

What we need is some rational answer to all what god has designed including the natural laws.

Natural Laws

Look at this picture and think for a moment!


Predator and Prey

We call a kind of animals, wild predators and the other one preys. An intelligent creator has designed this law and decided that one of them must suffer and die for the other one to survive. That happens regularly because each time predators need food they have to kill to survive! Food is not the only problem for living beings, but there are others like natural disasters, territories, diseases, accidents, pains and even more.


Do those rules indicate to a merciful creator? Maybe, we overestimate the power of god. He might have no influence on natural laws. The answer might be that he has made the one of a higher intelligence stronger.

Humans are the highest intelligent living beings

Some religious leaders claim that god’s favorite creature on earth are humans and god gave them the highest intelligence level. If that idea is true, there must be some natural differences between humans and animals. In fact, the human body is also a perfect food for predators. Every year many people become victims and a meal of predators.


Does god really appreciate the highest intelligent creature on earth? If humans were the favorite creature of god, why would he create all kinds of bacteria and harmful viruses to live inside human body? They attack our bodies not because they want necessarily to hurt us but they want a room to live. They only obey the law which god has designed. We try to find medicines or to be honest weapons to kill them and prevent them to enjoy their time inside our bodies.


We don’t do that to protest against what god has made or to improve his design but we want to defend ourselves from the harmful creatures, which he creates. Scientists have succeeded to find solutions for many kinds of diseases, bacteria, viruses and insects but still we discover new sicknesses. The question is; why would such a powerful creator waste his time designing harmful tiny creatures and diseases for innocent children and people?


Is he a sadist? Does he enjoy seeing us suffering or he might want to punish us but why? Isn’t he too much busy with punishing in this world and according to the religions, the world after death is also all about punishing. He designed the natural laws and gave his own creatures every reason to fight for the purpose of survival, but he punishes them if they do that!

Natural disasters

We hear from time to time that natural disasters like volcano, earthquake, flood, hurricane, tsunami and many others happen on earth. Does god have power to prevent that to happen? Are those also part of his design and creation of this world? Why would god choose laws that cause so much suffering and bloodshed?

Those disasters cost time and energy for humans to find solutions and protect themselves. Why is god who has all the power expects human beings to improve his design?

Why does god ignore our choices?

Did god ask anyone to create him? He never asked you whether you wanted to be part of his creation. Why should you accept to worship and be grateful for a favor you have never asked for? Does god still apply the dictatorship rules?

Some religious leaders claim that god created humans to test them. The question is; did he also created viruses, insects and thousands kinds of animals, plants and cells to test them? This whole universe according to that theory is a test, including suffering, killing, injustice, violence…etc.

Isn’t that a naive idea? Does god suffer from inferiority complex? Why would god try to test humans whether they obey him or not? Every intelligent creature knows the result of god’s test, which has kept him busy for thousands years. If humans doesn’t obey god is not because they challenge him but because he is hiding and can’t prove his existence.


In fact, humans have obeyed many tyrants, dictators, greedy kings and corrupt leaders throughout  history. Why would we disobey such a powerful creator? How can you ever believe that you have a choice if he created you and ignored to ask you whether you wanted to be created and participate in his game?

Anne Frank

In the WWII, Adolf Hitler killed millions of children, old and innocent people. Did god give the choice to the Nazi party or to the victims, who had no choice, but accepting their death. Some people claim that those victims have a place in the paradise! If that is the truth then why wouldn’t god ask them whether they wanted to suffer and be rewarded in the paradise. If he decided to create them and determined their destinies then where were their own choices?

Rewarding and punishing people after death

Religions claim that god sends people, who obey him to the paradise while people who disobey his rules have a place in the hell. According to that idea, paradise is not a place for people who have principles but it is a place for people who are waiting for rewards and are afraid of punishments.

Imagine how many people stop believing in religions if they know that god abolishes punishing and rewarding them. If people stopped believing in god, then religious leaders have no choice but quit, because they can’t remain leaders without the support of their followers. Implanting fear in the people’s mind and false promises make lives of leaders much easier.

Spreading god’s message through prophets?

God designed this nature all based on suffering, war and competition. When he sent us his message, he has chosen to give it to one person who called himself a prophet. When that person started to spread the message of god, the designer decided to ignore him totally and didn’t support him. Instead of that, the creator has chosen to put him in troubles and abandoned him. If anyone does things like that, we call him mean or vulgar, but when god does that we justify his behavior.


The explanation of that an innocent person had to suffer and die, was simply because of other people’s sin.  That idea keeps no one save, because god can punish Charles de Gaulle instead of Adolf Hitler, The Russian people instead of Josef Stalin and you instead of your neighbor. God decided to sacrifice his messenger, but after almost two thousand years, the world isn’t a better place. The brilliant idea to sacrifice his messenger didn’t help people.  Apparently god also makes mistakes just like humans do because his solutions doesn’t seem to be effective.

We recognize god’s principles everywhere around the world. That is his explanation that so many innocent people and children have to suffer and die in this world.


That is how god treats people who spread his message and work hard for him.

Many people have been killed in wars that has been happened in name of religions, but god has decided to remain silent and didn’t say a word that the message was from him. One word of god could guaranty peace and everyone would believe that god self was behind the idea. Could it be because he wanted to be entertained by watching how people destroyed one another? If god can prove his existence to prophets, why can’t he simply do the same to convince all his creatures?


Why would god choose to spread his message only through one or a few prophets? Is that the best idea, which results in wars, fighting, killing, violence and bloodshed? One of the prophets who lived almost 1500 years ago has claimed that he was the last one. Does that mean that god has given up sending his message to the rest of the world who has never heard of him? After all the wars, yet there are people who have never received the message, because they were lucky to live far from the regions of those religions.


If god stops sending the message to the rest of the people in the world, it means that all the people who were spreading his message died for nothing. The question is; which message from those different messages was really from the designer? Can you imagine a powerful creator needs prophets to send a message to his own creatures and has no power to solve his own problems?

If god decides to update his messages in the future, he doesn’t need prophets anymore, because he can take advantage of internet. It might be better to open an account for him on one of the social network websites.


Some religions claim that you should never discuss anything about god but accept it, because you will be punished. They claim further that after death, the body dies but the soul remains. What does punishing a soul mean?

The age of our planet is almost 4, 5 billion years. Many types of human kind skulls have been found, which belong to more than a few hundred thousand year ago. God has decided only a few thousand years ago to send a message to humans through prophets. Apparently, god wanted to introduce himself and used prophets to do the work for him.


Such a powerful creator is busy for more than three thousand years to spread a message but until now, people are fighting and the religions divided. Each religion has now several versions. We don’t know which one is the right one, but god is silent and doesn’t provide us any information. Let’s think rationally! For humans spreading a message like that is possible in a short period through the Internet.

However, that powerful creator failed to do it in thousands years. Is that all the power, which he has? If he had any power, he would never scare people by punishing them after their death. That creator has chosen such a wrong method to introduce himself and only spreading his message caused loosing so many lives.

Is god’s justice reliable?

According to humans, god’s justice system is not reliable because we have created our own justice system since the Babylonian by Hammurabi. So far, we have a justice system for a few thousand years, and that includes punishments for many possible crimes, because god doesn’t punish criminals, thieves and killers in this world. In fact, many dictators, mafia leaders, who have escaped the human justice system, or they were above the law, enjoyed their lives while their victims have suffered or died because of their aggression.

Babilon Hammurabi

If god’s justice is not reliable in this world, how can we trust his justice after death? Whatever you do in this world wouldn’t satisfy the creator because he is the one that wouldn’t give anyone a manual of what to do for him.

He sent us a few old books and never updated them because he still thinks that the world of 21th century is the same world of thousands years ago.


If people need answers to their questions, they go to their religious leaders. God doesn’t care whether the answers of their leaders are right or wrong or they take advantage of those people. In all the cases god remains silent. God doesn’t provide people the truth but allow everyone to spread their ow opinion about him. How can he punish people without answering their questions? All the way that god has chosen in this world is war, fighting, suffering and competition for the purpose of survival and exploitation.


When he even decided to introduce himself, he chose a method that caused war and killing again. Why couldn’t god create the world with more love and allow everyone to live on this planet in peace?

I mean creating and designing this universe and the natural laws from scratch what would make violence necessary? When we go back in time, we see that repeatedly a small group exploited the majority and enslaved them. They killed and tortured them if they didn’t work hard enough for them or they disobeyed their orders.

Why would god allow a few people to exploit the rest? For those slaves to get their freedom they needed mostly to start a revolution and the solution was bloodshed. Did god have a peaceful solution for all those violence throughout history?  If he had a solution, why would he never so far revealed that to show the slaves a peaceful way to their freedom?

Why is god hiding?

Many religious leaders use the universe as an evidence that god exists, but they miss a very simple explanation. There are some questions here to ask. If the universe is a creation of a creator, the creator is more complicated than the universe. How a creator can exist without a creator? Anything created by humans is less complicated than human beings.

Does god really want that someone voluntarily convince others about his existence? If god doesn’t want that, then anyone who tries to persuade people about god’s existence have no permission from god. On the other hand, if god truly wants to prove his existence, why doesn’t he use his own power to convince people?


So many leaders convinced people that participating in their wars was something that god wanted, but god didn’t say a word that he disagreed with that nor did he say to the people that their leaders were liars. Why wouldn’t god at least answer the questions of the people and provide them the truth? All the qualities of that god are evidences that he is hopeless and powerless, but leaders convince people exactly the opposite. There is no way not a single rational answer justifies god’s silence, while people using his name and creating texts in his behalf to exploit others.


Humankind have discovered Internet through which you can send a message to the whole world in a very short time. Why can’t god send all humans a message and tell them what they need to do for him? If god shows a bit of his power and tells people on earth to obey him they will do what he wants.

It is a simple question; why can’t god prove that he exists but instead of that he makes it a mystery. What kind of games is he playing? So many people died and suffered and there is no sign not even one response from him!

Praying for god

Why would god need people to pray for him? by saying specific texts repeatedly? Most religions claim that you must imagine, believe and feel the texts while you pray. Does god really need that or that is the process of programming your own subconscious mind, because that is the exact rules, how you program it.


Why do you need to accept the idea of being a slave of god, who never gave you any instructions how to pray for him. We received his message from different people who claimed that they were prophets. In one instruction was drinking alcohol no problem, but the other one forbade it.

God’s instructions came from different prophets, which are not the same. If god exists, he will never ask you to be a slave, but he will encourage you to be creative to make him at least proud of his creatures. What we have learned from history and the design of this nature is that a few people enjoy exploiting the majority. They need you to program your subconscious mind to accept slavery.


Religion God

Once you accept the idea of being a slave from your childhood then it will not be easy to remove that belief from your subconscious mind. Programming your mind to obey a god, which doesn’t exist, is actually obeying leaders who create texts and analyze them in name of god.  Reprogramming the subconscious mind often takes time, especially for people who are programmed from the childhood.  Read More: Access To Your Subconscious Mind Power


Furthermore, that small group convinces the crowd that they can enjoy paradise after their death. In that way, people will accept their false promises. They will not challenge them but allow them to have this world. If you even say that god exists, or he doesn’t exist, you receive answers only from humans but not a word from god. The response of the people is not based on evidences but on the culture, which programs their subconscious mind. Each one claims that his religion is the right one!

A true happiness belongs to a free mind !

There is no god, who asks anyone to pray for him or to accept the idea of being a slave. This message came only from small groups of people, and those small groups have made decisions for the majority to accept slavery for their own purposes. They involved people to participate in their wars claiming that they spread god’s message. If you truly believe in that god, then I understand that your subconscious mind has been deeply programmed, and that makes it difficult to reprogram it quickly.


Ask god to send you a personal sign and promise him to do everything for him in return. If the creator doesn’t respond, then there will be a few reasons for that. It could be that god doesn’t need anything from you or there would be a chance that he doesn’t exist at all! Either way you can have your freedom again.

Start to reprogram your subconscious mind to accept that freedom! It is your own choice to be a slave or the master of your life! Be aware that mind freedom is the path to your dreams. The joy and the real happiness start in life when you think and feel truly free!

Conquer your fear and enjoy your life because being free for days is far better than living centuries in slavery!

The final word

If you are a believer and you can sleep good at night without any doubts, that is what everyone dreams of. There should be no conflict between true believers and atheists, because people have right to believe in what makes them feel good. However, believers are responsible to prevent any groups or leaders abusing them and encourage them to fight for spreading their religion. If people do not like paradise you cannot force them to enter it!


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Author: Sar Maroof
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