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How Advertisers Succeed In Manipulating Your Mind?

When the critical mind is overloaded with too much information then it becomes suggestible or in a hypnotic state. It allows information to penetrate it to the subconscious mind. There are lots of beliefs and information in the subconscious mind, which we know consciously how and when that idea becomes part of our knowledge and skills. Read More: Access To Your Subconscious Mind Power

Examples are the process of learning guitar, driving cars and learning chess. However, there are also information, beliefs and ideas, which have been stored in the subconscious mind, without even remembering how, why and when you got that specific opinion.


For example, you see a person and you say to your friend “what an attractive personality!” however, your friend might replie, “not for me!” Why we like some types of people and hate another one? Suppose that someone asks you to say that god does not exist. If you believe in god, you will respond angrily “how can you say such a thing?”, While there are many people who can say that without having any problems with it. Believing in religions is also part of the programming the subconscious mind.  Read More: Religions - What You Are Not Being Told!

Brain Conscious Subconsciou

Suppose that someone asks you to touch a spider, rat, mouse or a dog. Your answer might be OK for some of them and not for the others. That depends mostly upon the culture in which you grew up, but you do not know how exactly and when you got that belief. Do you know that there are cultures in the Middle East who use dogs as guards, but they never touch them, because they think that dogs are extremely dirty?


The reason why you like a specific type of people and hate another one at the first sight is mostly unknown. You know consciously that judging people based on the first sight and their appearances is not fair. However, everyone practices that almost everyday. The reason you love or hate someone from the first sight depends upon the subconscious mind associations. It could be because you associate unconsciously a person with a relative, someone you loved in your childhood, your mother, a friend, a movie star or someone harmed you in the past, but you do not realize that consciously.


The subconscious mind associates, for example, a music with particular memories, a smell with a specific place or an old street with your childhood… Etc. The process starts with identifying then association, and that follows by the response. An example: identifying a particular music and associate it with a sad memory then the response is being sad or weeping. Most of the information, which is stored in the subconscious mind during hypnotic states, cannot be remembered consciously.


When Emily for the first time participated in a competition, her mother strongly advised her to use Brikozal. Although she was inexperienced girl and had little self-confidence but, surprisingly, she won the competition. However, she admitted later that her mother’s secret helped her to do such a miracle. The question is how such an inexperienced girl became so successful in a short period.



How the critical mind becomes suggestible?

Trusted source

When you trust a source of information or someone, your critical mind becomes open for his/ or her suggestions. Examples; children accept parent’s opinions as the truth. That is also the reason why companies pay stars and celebrities to advertise for their products.

Overloading message units.

When there are too many message units like being late, problems with your car, avoiding being wet by the rain and listening to a bad news, that would break down the critical filter and make your mind suggestible. When the conscious mind considers some important information and busy to accept, reject or understand it, then it becomes suggestible.

Alpha or sleepy state

If the conscious mind is in the alpha state, then it becomes suggestible.That is also the reason why you should never sleep while your TV is on. If the conscious mind is sleepy, the critical filter allows the advertisements to go through it. Remember that the subconscious mind never sleeps.

Experience a hypnotic state or mind suggestibility

There is a section in this article, which allows the reader to experience a hypnotic and a suggestible mind state. While your critical mind was busy understanding the information of the first part of this article, you read suddenly the story of Emily. The story mentioned that her mother advised her to use Brikozal, which doesn’t exist. That was only to show you how the process works.


The readers get the tendency to know what Brikozal is and might search the Internet for that. Without mentioning any direct relations between Brikozal, her success and her mother in the story, you will associate the parts together. You would think that the girl in the picture is Emily. She thanks her mom because of her success. Her mom only advised her to use Brikozal. That makes the reader think that the secret of her miracle and success was that product. The picture reminds the reader to go back to the story of Emily and check out the name of the product again.


That implants the product in the mind of the readers and makes them feel familiar with it, while the critical mind allows the idea to go deeper to the subconscious level. If you hear the word Brikozal somewhere for the second time, you will feel that you are familiar with that name without remembering where exactly you heard it.


If the article suggests buying the product, the readers will never go for it, because the critical mind recognizes that as an advertisement and filters it directly. What happens in hypnotic states is that the mind filter breaks down and allows messages to pass through it.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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