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Evolution Easy Explained With Evidences

Hundreds of thousand years ago, humans had primitive lives similar to other species. They competed for food territory, tried to survive the climate changes, diseases and natural disasters. Thanks to consciousness, we generally have now enough foods and warm places to survive for a long period.

Some arguments against evolution theory

Many opponents of evolution do not believe that humans and other species have the same ancestors. For them is difficult to accept that species can change so drastically for example from a type of fish like to a big cat. The truth is that changes happen even now without we notice it. especially when we are talking about hundreds of thousands years. The changes do not happen overnight but gradually. Babies grow so gradually that we can not notice the slightly differences that happen to them in a daily basis. After 18 years every baby becomes an adult and  relatively different comparing to years before.



That is similar to the changes that happen to all the species in thousands years. That is going on even now and you realize that by yourself. You do not remain the same, but you grow older every moment in your life. You cannot notice the result immediately, but those slightly differences in a daily basis become noticeable after several years. We rarely notice the differences between us and our next generations, but after thousands years that will be noticeable.

Survival of humans is now more than food and territory

According to the evolution theory, species compete for limited resources. Those which have advantages for example in speed, strength or sight have more chance to survive and pass those advantages to their next generations. Species which can not adapt to the environment will die out. That is what Darwin called natural selection.


Scientists can now observe the viruses of the HIV which keeps adapting to the drugs. Many of them can not resist the drug, but a few number of those viruses can adapt to the drug and survive. Human’s survival concept has been changed and developed to a whole higher level. Animals have no idea where they live and compete only to survive for the current moment. We discovered far more dangerous things that can cause extinction of all the species on earth.


All species main goal is survival. They are mainly focusing on food, territory and reproduction while humans have gone far beyond that. There are facts that could happen in the future and would cause the extinction of all the living beings on earth including us.


Scientists know that the sun will run out of hydrogen and gradually lose its energy. This will happen in approximate 5.4 billion years. Without sun’s energy no specie can survive on this planet. You might think that anyway we cannot do anything about it, but that may be true for now. After millions of years humans might find other suitable planets for life and make the journey towards them faster and easier. It might also be possible for human beings in the far future to create artificial stars, which can provide our planet with light and energy.


There are also other facts that could be dangerous for all the living beings. We know that the ozone layer protect us from radiation. Our big brains help us to think not only for the current moment, but for the far future. Animals have no idea about those facts!

The evidences for evolution

There are many resources which explain the evidences with more details, that is why I only refer to them and keep them short and simple.

  1. The similarities of Embryos of different species
  2. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
  3. Genes in common with other species
  4. Studying Fossils of different species


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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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