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Did Grigori Rasputin Use Paranormal Power?

Some people like Grigori Rasputin, Wolf Messing and Nostradamus are known for their paranormal powers. There are information, books, documentaries and even movies about Rasputin, which claim that he was able to cure patients and had special mind power.


When in the mid 80s the Russian movie “Agonia” released, I went to that movie because I was curious to know more about that mysterious man. There are many tricky people, who succeed to convince others that they have mysterious powers many of whom make incomes by using tricks. Did Rasputin also trick people?

Who is Grigori Rasputin?

Grigori Rasputin was born on January 22, 1869 in Siberia. There are many claims that he had a special power since his childhood. He cured people who had diseases and had the ability to hypnotize people and read minds. When he moved to St. Peters burg, he impressed people in the city and many people asked him for help.


At that time, the son of the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia had Hemophilia. The doctors where unable to cure him, that is why one of the Tsar’s contacts introduced Rasputin to them. The most sources claim that he cured Alexei like a miracle. The boy was so dependent on him that Rasputin could go to the Tsar’s palace whenever he wanted. He became later one of the most powerful person in Russia and he could promote even minsters and other high political figures.


Rasputin became dangerous for many politicians in Russia, and therefore prince Felix Yusupov, who was related to Romanov’s family, planned to assassinate him. According to the story of the murderers, killing him was an extra ordinary task. They poisoned him with cyanide, which didn’t affect him, then they shot him several times, but he was still a live.


In 1996 an American movie released about the life of G. Rasputin which was directed by Uli Edel.

Title: Rasputin, written by Peter Pruce, stars: Alan Rickman, Greta Scacchi, Ian McKellen

Did Rasputin have paranormal power?

There are different sources, which indicate that Rasputin could visit the Tsar’s palace despite the fact that many people hated him. The question is why would Tsar of Russia, who had all the power allowed an ordinary man to visit his palace and accepted him as a friend of the family.


He abandoned him several times and sent him to Siberia, but his son apparently couldn’t live without him, because he was his savior. Despite all the rumors in the country that Rasputin had power over Tsar’s family, he still managed to remain their friend. According to those stories, he had some kind of paranormal power but it is unknown what that power exactly was.


Below is a part of a letter, which was written by him before the assassination.

…” If I am killed by common assassins, you, the Tsar of Russia, will have nothing to fear for your children. .. If it was your relations who have wrought my death, then none of your children will remain alive for more than two years…” .. G. Rasputin


Surprisingly, his prediction as he mentioned in his letter was accurate. After a few months, the Russian revolution took the power in 1917 and after almost 18 months, all the members of the Romanov family were shot and killed by them.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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  1. Grigorij Rasputin did not use any supernatural abilities or magic. The truth is, he had superhuman power and the ability to heal, because he was not a human. That explains they just can’t kill him by gunshot or poison. His blood was very rare and can heal every wound. The reason, why he “miraculously” cured Alexei is he feed him with human blood. Alexei was moroi.
    It could act incredibly currently, but the truth remains the same.

    1. Thanks a lot for taking time and leaving this useful comment!

  2. Nice article Sar. I will try to watch the movie!

    1. There are several movies and documentaries about Rasputin! Thanks for your comment!

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