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Consciousness Level Has No Limits

Every conscious living being might think that he has the highest level of consciousness, because it is hard to compare your consciousness level with others. A baby’s level of consciousness is very low, because he knows almost nothing about the world around him. The same baby becomes gradually conscious and aware of his existence by learning and interacting with the reality.


I defined consciousness in my hypothesis as below:

Consciousness is the mind access to the knowledge about the reality. The quantity of the knowledge, its type and the access speed to that knowledge determine the level of consciousness.  Read More: What Is Consciousness? Sar Maroof Hypothesis .


The level of consciousness increases by learning and the access time to what you learn. Children at age of almost 7 years become aware of their existences, but they know yet little about the reality. That is also the reason that humans are only allowed at age of 18 to decide for themselves. However that doesn’t mean that an adult of 18 years old has the highest level of consciousness.

It is not difficult for human being to realize that the older a child is the higher his level of consciousness is. That is because child’s level of consciousness generally is beneath the one of the adults. Once a person becomes 18 years, it will be difficult for others to determine his consciousness level.


Drugs and alcohol affect the mind access to the knowledge, which an individual has. By using those kinds of stuffs the access time to the knowledge becomes also slower. Those stuffs might be a fast way to decrease your consciousness level temporarily. A conscious living being is aware of his existence, but that could be different by animals. Conscious feeling grows gradually by learning and that growth has no limits. Every unit of knowledge contributes to our consciousness.


I saw once how a fabric produced chickens. It was very impressive, because the chickens from the moment that they come out from the egg had a planned life until they were ready for production. The question is, do chickens have any idea that their lives are planned to serve humans? The simple answer might be not. Humans have a lot of knowledge about chickens, but they might know very little about us. One simple fact could help them to escape, is the information that humans use them as food resources. If the chickens know the fact that humans abuse them, they will do everything to escape.


Suppose that some living being on other planet control our lives and determine our growing older and dying for their own benefits. What would be our reactions? We accept the fact of growing older and dying because we think that it is a natural law and we have no power of doing anything about it. If we knew that, we would do something about it. That kind of knowledge would raise the level of our consciousness and would help us organize to find a solution. I think that survival is the primary goal of any living being.

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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