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Can Bitcoin Make You Rich? Who Is Behind It?

Knowledge and predicting the future can make anyone rich. If you knew that the weather in the next decades would be extremely cold, you would realize which stocks would be profitable. If you know that a huge amount of gold is discovered somewhere, you predict that its price would fall. Most of the nations are using fiat currencies, which is not backed-up by gold.


Fiat currencies lose its value over time that is why it is not a good idea to keep them for long. Over time, all currencies lose purchasing power because most governments print their currencies and create them out of thin air. Each time your government prints extra money your money loses some of its value! There is no doubt that most governments in the world have used money for centuries to control their nations and exercise their power through controlling money.



Any new phenomenon or incidents that happen, you should first doubt the authorities, because they are a group of human being and selfishness is part of the human’s nature. In 2010, a new form of a digital money named Bitcoin came into existence. It is the first currency that promises individuals a financial freedom, because it is the only type of currency, which cannot be controlled by governments or central banks. Is there any chance that Bitcoin becomes the currency of the future? Is it possible that banks and states allow any payment systems to disarm their money control?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, which can be used by online payments invented by an unknown person or organization named Satoshi Nakamoto. This payment system is a revolutionary idea, which offers online payments for two persons without the necessity of banks or any other third parties between them. In the beginning, some people became very rich by investing in this new cryptocurrency. Is it wise to invest in Bitcoin? Are there any chances for others also to get rich by investing in this digital money?

Before answering those questions, we need to know more about Bitcoin.


Who is behind Bitcoin?

The idea of Bitcoin supports financial freedom for individuals, but that does not mean trusting it blindly. For each plan, most corrupt governments need two story versions; first, is the truth, which they keep for themselves, while the second one is the lie, which they sell to the public. The most important point is to know whether Bitcoin is the creation of a specific government, a group of governments or it is an innovation to protect individuals from authorities and banking systems.

Some articles out there claim that bitcoin is a creation of a certain intelligence agency or a specific government, but that does not mean believing in those claims blindly. If any governments are behind Bitcoin, they might gain and reach their goals temporarily, but they have made the biggest mistake of their lives!

Why the idea of Bitcoin is against money control?

  • Most corrupt governments succeed to exploit their nations, because most of the people do not take the time to educate themselves and understand what their states are planning. They allow the mainstream media to program their subconscious mind and tell them what their governments want them to think. They allow their mainstream media to be their eyes, ears and do even the thinking for them. The idea of Bitcoin allows people at least to talk about the concept why decentralizing money is important for individuals. This idea offers individuals a better option to control their own finance and it stops states control over them financially. Understanding Bitcoin educate people who do not know much about finance.


  • Albert Einstein came with the equation E=mc2, which converts mass to energy, but there must be also an equation which converts money to power and the other way around. Through controlling money, authorities exercise their power and force people to do what they do not like to do. The idea of Bitcoin is the future of freedom! There is no doubt that money has been used for centuries to enslave people. There is a famous quote which says “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws.” Amschel Mayer Rothschild.

People have different opinions about money: For ignorant is money only a purchase unit, for educated people is the unit of freedom while money for corrupt leaders is the unit of controlling people and nations.

  • Bitcoin uses an open source software. That is something, which do not suite the agenda of authorities. They always want that people depend on them, work for them, pay taxes, need them and obey them. Everyone has access to open source software and can even participate in programming it.
  • The maximum amount of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million while authorities print their fiat currencies as much as they want. Limiting the amount of money protects your money from losing value over time.
  • Transparency is the enemy of powerful people. Bitcoin is transparent; everyone can mine it and participate in it without exception while authorities make their decisions behind closed doors.

Bitcoin takes the power from central banks and return it to the people. Governments might succeed to destroy Bitcoin or crush it but the idea of decentralizing money is immortal.

Is it wise to invest in Bitcoin?

In the following diagram, you see the price of Bitcoin in US dollars from 2010 to 2015. Anyone who can predict the success of Bitcoin can get rich easily. Many people who invested in Bitcoin from 2010 to almost 2013 became wealthy. In the following diagram is clear that investors could buy one Bitcoin on December 2010 for only $0.25 and they could sell it on November 2013 for $ 1124.


Some people have already done that and became extremely rich. Let us study the chart! We assume that someone invested $500 in Bitcoin on December 2010 and calculate how much that person could earn from that investment almost three years later.

On December 2010

$1 = 4 Bitcoin

$500 = 500 x 4 Bitcoin = 2000 Bitcoin.

On November 2013

1 Bitcoin = $1124

2000 Bitcoin = 2000 x 1124 = $2,248,000

In our example is clear that a person who invested only $500 in 2010 became a millionaire and owned in 2013 more than 2 million dollars.

If no governments succeed in attacking and crushing Bitcoin directly or indirectly, Bitcoin will be the future of money and worth to invest in it.

Here below are some tips that could be useful for everyone:

  • Find information about Bitcoin from different sources not only from one person, because a person might have his own motive in convincing people to invest in a specific cryptocurrency.
  •  Do not invest all your money in cryptocurrencies, because that would affect you to watch the prices of that currency everyday. Invest only an amount of money that you can lose without being affected badly and let the money just stay there until its profit would be worthy.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin or a similar cryptocurrency will replace the current banking system the way that email has replaced the postal system. Be ready that governments and bankers will use all their powers to destroy it. They will not stay and watch the end of their money control. They might destroy Bitcoin but the idea of cryptocurrencie and decentralizing money is immortal and it will conquer the world.

People are fed up being controlled by their authorities and bankers. They will soon or later realize and appreciate financial freedom!

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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  1. From the date (16-04-2015) that I have published this article till today (25-01-2016) the price of Bitcoin has been increased by $171.46. The above article is only information not a recommendation to invest in any cryptocurrencies. As I haven’t any businesses related to Bitcoin till today.

    Bitcoin prices according to Coindesk website.

    Price of Bitcoin 16-04-2015 = $228.11
    Price of Bitcoin 24-01-2016 = $399.57
    $399.57-$228.11= $171.46

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