Access to your subconscious mind power

Probably, you have already heard that we all have more power than we realize but to make that clear is necessary to understand solid examples.

Have you ever thought why you need to practice repeatedly in order to learn swimming, foreign languages, riding bicycles, driving cars, playing a musical instrument, giving a public speech or singing on the stage. Once you learn them; you can do them automatically without even being nervous or thinking about them consciously.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

All the skills you learn in your life, including your memories have been stored somewhere in your mind similar to a database. That part of the mind which is responsible for saving skills, knowledge’s, memories and habits is the subconscious mind.

The SM acts quite differently compared to the conscious mind. The reason why you need to practice repeatedly is because repetition is one of the methods to program the SM.

The question is how long it takes for someone who already can swim to go back to the start point when he couldn’t do that? Maybe,  you would ask yourself why would someone want to forget swimming? The answer is that not every stored information and habits in our SM serve us.

In fact, there might be many previous habits and information there fight against our desires in life. Unfortunately, you are not the only one who has the key and the access to your own subconscious mind but others who know this principle could use it to reprogram even yours for their own purposes!

What is the Subconscious mind?

The “subconscious” is the part of your mind that functions beneath your consciousness. It contains information, memories, habits, languages and skills that a person not currently aware of  which can be brought to consciousness directly.


Politics, advertising and the subconscious mind

There are many dictators, political parties and companies have used this principle in the past until the day now for their profits. During the second world war, the Nazi party propaganda told people repeatedly “The fuehrer is always right.” We all know that no one can constantly be true, but the point was using repetition to let people believe the message. That was one of their methods to control the crowd!

Have you wondered how companies can profit from showing their logos repeatedly on football stadiums, T-shirts of famous tennis players or other places? They don’t even provide any information about their products or services, but that wouldn’t be necessary because the repetition is the secret to reach the subconscious mind of their potential customers.

Showing their logos repeatedly would be enough to convince people that they offer high-quality products or services. Especially when the logo associates with successful people. The first time you see these logos on products in the shops you would expect that these brands must be very expensive, and of course, they are because they pay so much money for those high-priced advertisements.

Those methods of advertising will continue as long as guarantee high profits for companies!

Access to your subconscious mind

The access to the SM is public that is the reason that not every information, there was your own choice. Programming the SM starts from the childhood by parents, culture, schools, religious leaders, political leaders, media, society, people whom you trust, companies and the environment where you live.

There is no guarantee that everything you learn from your childhood serve you, but some of this information could be irrational and the obstacle in your way to achieve the life of your dreams. Of course, parents want the best for their children but what if they’ve got the idea which they teach their children the same way.

Sometimes removing information from the subconscious mind would be the best way to achieve a certain goal, but unfortunately, it is not always that simple. The previous examples show that it is not easy to forget swimming, language or riding bicycles once you’ve learned them.

The time duration you need to remove or reprogram the SM depends on how long that information exists there and how often you have practiced it.

For example, a person who is born into a religious family, environment and has practiced religion from his childhood until he becomes an adult can’t decide immediately to stop practicing or believing in that even if that person hasn’t faith consciously in that religion any more! While that would be much easier for someone who has practiced that for a short period.

Habits and the subconscious mind

Some habits we might have in our SM could be the hidden power behind many of the problems we face in our lives. They might be among the greatest obstacles to achieve our desirable life without being aware of them.

That is why you need to learn not only to store information in your subconscious mind but also how to remove and reprogram the one which works against you.

Many people might have the habit to dislike wealthy people without realizing that hating rich people results in serving them! You can’t turn wealthy people into poor by hating them, but you send repeatedly that idea to your own SM with beliefs and feelings.

That is exactly how you program your SM! That is also how affirmations and visualizations work. By feeling and believing in that repeatedly you would decide for yourself to work hard for the people whom you hate! Read also How to visualize for wealth?

Any goal which is still hanging on your conscious level and as long as your goal remains there you struggle to achieve it. Once your goal goes deeper into your subconscious level then you would create new habits and replace many of your current habits, which are the blocks in your way.

Cultural beliefs and the subconscious mind

The SM is the answer that various cultures have different beliefs and opinions about a certain thing. Some  Western cultures, for example, have dogs as pets, some eastern cultures eat them while some cultures in the middle east find them dirty.  If you ask different people from the mentioned cultures “which one of these opinions is the right one?” They would choose for their own culture’s opinion.

That example shows that the subconscious mind is dominant, irrational and more powerful than our conscious rational mind.

People might feel secure if they have protection, but they might ignore that they would need to filter many ideas, which are irrational and dominate their power to serve others rather than themselves!

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