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The Truth About Religions

If someone asks you, the question whether time is constant, your answer might be “a minute is a minute and cannot be changed.” In fact there are evidences  prove that time runs slower as you speed up. A minute actually can be longer or shorter. Scientists did not know that fact until Albert Einstein came with his relativity theory and proved that. Read More: Imagination Power-The Shocking Theory!  Scientists accept any ideas if they are supported by facts and evidences.


According to science, there are electrons, which are tiny parts of matter. We cannot see electrons, but the result of studying them helps producing computers, mobiles and easy communication from distance. Science is there to serve people whether they believe in it or not. However, when technology falls into wrong hands, It can be misused for bad purposes and creating wars. Many believers claim that there is an intelligent creator of this universe.


Read different arguments of creationists and their opinions about god! They pass their beliefs to the next generations by programming children’s subconscious mind  Read More: Access To Your Subconscious Mind Power

How the idea of god started?

God is in a development process as it was from the beginning. When the idea of god started thousands years ago, gods were statues, thunders, sun, fire and imaginations. The ideas were designed to satisfy their level of consciousness and suited their knowledge. The definition of god a few thousand years ago was very different from the same god of today, but they all share the same principles. Creationists always worshipped a god which was created by themselves, whether their gods were statues, something in the nature or an imagination.

Here below are some of their arguments!

The age of the universe

According to science the age of the universe is 13,8 billion years and the age of our planet earth is 4,6 billion years, but the holly books claim that it is only a few thousand years. There must be a way to refresh god’s memory, because apparently he forgot when he created the universe. This fact is enough to raise doubts of the god’s believers. People can always use creativity to make things fit the time and the level of knowledge and consciousness of the society.


Some of the creationists came with an idea that a year of god is not the same year that human beings use. In this way, you can always make the information fit the time and arrange it to go side by side with science. There is only a little problem here. If god talks with codes to people and does not care what a year of people is, how can we know what he means by torturing people and burning them in hell? Burning reminds us fire and pain; the burning what god means could be anything that only himself knows what he means. Why do you bother and afraid to be tortured by god? He might mean by burning people tickling them and pain might mean pleasure ..etc.

The Evolution Theory

Many evidences support the evolution theory of Charles Darwin. However, that is not what god describes how he created human beings. The story of Adam and Eve is very different from the way evolution describes how living beings evolved. People who created god can always change their story to fit the most modern scientific facts. Some of the creationists say that god has created the universe based on evolution. In that way, there is no problem between science and religions. God apparently has a bad memory and has inaccurate administration because he does not remember important facts like when and how he created the universe. Do you really think that he can remember what billions of people a long centuries have done in their lives and will do in the future?


Big Bang

A scientific theory describes the Big Bang as the moment of starting the universe. One of the creationists said that the theory is correct and claimed further, “I know who bang it”. He meant by that, that god was the one who did it that way. Most creationists try to use their own opinions to mislead their followers. The point here is that god did not mention anything about the Big Bang.


Miracles & god’s existence

Another argument of the creationists is that one of the prophets could perform miracles. We don’t know for sure whether that was a fact. Even if we accept all the miracles as facts, still none of them is valid as an evidence of god’s existence. Impressing people by performing miracles is not an evidence that an intelligent creator designed this universe. Imagine a god who kills people and let others suffer in pain, furthermore he sends his prophet to cure them and raise them from dead. That is not an ideal quality of a great creator, but it is a behavior of a mentally ill bully. A designer like that needs himself to be cured and helped to avoid misusing his power. It is not wise to use people’s suffering and running that kinds of shows to promote the idea of god. A great powerful creator should use a better way to prove his existence and there is no reason to make him shy and hide from his own creatures.


Imagine a person who flies around and claims that milk is black. His act of flying doesn’t make his statement true. Flying has nothing to do with the color of milk. It is not rational to draw the conclusion of an intelligent creator based on performing miracles. Some people throughout history are known for their paranormal power like Nostradamus, Wolf Messing and Grigori Rasputin, but that does not prove god’s existence nor does that prove that those people were prophets. Read More: Did Grigori Rasputin Use Paranormal Power?


There are three well-known prophets, who believed in god. All those prophets were leaders or had the ambition to lead. If you have that kind of ambitions, then you want to make yourself special by having contact with some important creator. Besides the idea of believing in a super natural power helps them to control their followers better. No super naturals and miracles in the world can prove god’s existence except god self. If god does not want to provide that evidence then religious leaders should respect his choice and stop spreading their own opinions about him.


On the other hand if he wants to prove his existence for mankind then he can do it. If his power cannot help him to prove that, then he is simply powerless. When an attorney talks instead of his client, his client has right to approve or disapprove that, because that is the basic rights of human being. God doesn’t have that right because so many leaders and believers spread their opinions about him, kill people, start wars and do anything they want in name of god without even asking his permission. The same people claim that they are afraid of god and they worship him.

Listening to people’s opinions about god looks like watching an ant, which tries to prove the existence of humans.

Humans are important creatures of god

Creationists claim that humans are the most important creatures of god. Galileo was tried by the Inquisition and forced to spend the last nine years of his life under house arrest when he claimed that earth wasn’t motionless at the center of the universe. They apparently did not care about god, but they were afraid to lose their power and their high positions in the society. They further claim that god loves us and that is why he created humans very special. The truth is that there are also tiny viruses, which live inside human’s body. Sometimes they even win the battle and they cause the death of thousands people. Many Human beings die for the survival of viruses and bacteria. That is a simple evidence that god might sometimes love humans, but he loves viruses even more!


On the other hand human’s body can also satisfy predator’s hunger just like a deer or any other preys. Researches show that every year thousands of people become victims of tigers, crocodiles and other dangerous predators. If crocodiles could express their opinions, they would have  challenged humans and said that they are actually the most important creature of god. The facts and evidences are obviously not always in human’s favor.

Humans are equal

Religions claim that all humans are equal, but every rational person thinks that how a child who is born as a prince is equal to a child who has very poor parents. So many children grow up in absolute poverties and war circumstances, while others are born in abundance. Handicapped or chronically ill children are not born equal to healthy children. Slaves have not the same rights or equal to their masters. Why would god decide to create disabled children, slaves and claims that everyone is equal?

The answer of one of the creationists was that god created the universe but he does not keep himself busy with every details of life. If there is god, he must take responsibility of his creation.

Homosexuality & Religions

Religions are strongly against homosexuality, but it becomes normal every year and people start to accept it. Of course, it is not wise for religions to stay against it or they lose the support of many people. A person asked a religious leader the question “why god creates homosexuals, but hates them?” He answered that god loves everyone. Little by little, they will start accepting homosexuality. It is not important for creationists what god thinks and wants. Each of them spreads his own opinion. They do not even bother when their opinions contradict each other, because apparently it is not important for them what god wants.

God punishes people after death

God has created the universe and he punishes people after death not in this world but in another one. Why would god handle problems of this world in another one? Doesn’t seem wiser to handle the problems of this world in the same world? The concept of punishment is to prevent people to do mistakes repeatedly. It is not to enjoy torturing them, scaring or taking revenge of them. God does not prevent dictators, tyrants and corrupt leaders killing thousands of people, but he waits to punish them in another world.

If someone dies and leaves this world, he will not learn anything for this world. That punishment does not help people in that world nor does it help them in this world. Is a double punishment fair? If leaders trust the punishment of god they should abolish laws, because that would be an extra human punishment and interfering with the divine plan.


For thousands years tyrants, corrupt leaders and dictators are creating wars and killing thousands of people, but god is waiting to punish them after death. Apparently humans cannot solve the problem and that will go on for the next thousands years. If god wanted to test them, then his test was a failure. Isn’t god tired of punishing all those people?  If god truly loved human being he would improve the design of this universe and the natural laws. That is the best possible way to prevent suffering.  God apparently creates problems and solves them with violence!

God does not provide rules

According to religions, god punishes people if they do not obey his rules. The problem is that he does not provide people the exact rules what he wants. Imagine a king who announces to kill anyone who does not follow his rules while he does not provide the rules. Is there any logic here? Everything you hear about god comes from human beings and it is their own opinions.

There is a lack of agreement between religious leaders. The books of god contain false information but religious leaders insist to analyze them the way that convince people. The problem is that for one question you can receive very different answers from different religious leaders.


God does not provide answers nor does he tell you which answer is correct. It is confusing that god does not care whatever people say about him. So many people kills and claim that they do that for god, but god does not react. Does that mean he agrees with their claims or he simply does not care? Why do we need to go back in time to find the truth whether the content of those books are from god? He can simply use his power and provide us the truth right now! Punishing people without telling them the truth doesn’t make sense!

God and irrationality

The idea of god seems to be extremely irrational, but some of the creationists have answer for that too. They say; who say that we should trust rationality and logic. If there are no principles upon which two persons agree as a fundamental principle of discussions, any discussions will be useless and wasting time for both sides. If you allow yourself to say whatever you want without any rational or logical principles, your information is simply not valuable. God depends on opinions of people and cannot prove his existence. Ask one question to different religious leaders and you will find out that each one answers according to his own opinion.


Weak and poor people need god because it is a hope for an eternal life and they are scared not to be punished by god, while a small group use the idea of god to exploit them. That has been going on for thousands years. People talk about god and convince others as if god is nothing. Only “nothing” can accept all the different opinions of people about him without stopping them and providing the truth. “NOTHING” is the most suitable definition of god!

Be ready! The god of today will never be accepted after a few centuries. Humans discover facts and that will make religious leaders develop the idea of god to fit the next society’s level of knowledge and consciousness. To find out the truth about the existence of god, you should first understand how your subconscious mind works. If you are not familiar with the subconscious mind Read More: Access To Your Subconscious Mind Power

Prophets met god alone

Why would prophets met god while no one was around? What could be the secret that god denies other people and never contact them. When I heard for the first time that prophet Abraham had a dinner with god, the first question came into my mind was “What could be the favorite dish of god?” We all want to invite god for a dinner and discuss with him his future plan with our planet. May be we need to ask him the question why he never sent his message to nations like Japanese and Chinese people!


Prophets at that time could convince people to meet god alone in a mountain. If any prophets in our time go to a mountain to meet god, fans will never allow them to do that alone. They all want to take pictures with god or at least get his signature. Millions people and journalists all around the world would go to that mountain to record god’s conversation and experience that meeting live. Such a meeting would be the most important incident of all time. No one of course dare in our time to claim such a thing. All the information we have about god proves that mankind have created him.



The common way to spread the idea of god is programming the subconscious mind of children before they become adults. Children’s mind is suggestible and easy to be programmed, especially for trusted sources like their parents and teachers. Study different cultures and you will realize that their religions do not make sense to you except the one in which you already believe. The reason is that your culture programmed your mind before you became an adult.


They did not allow you to choose your own belief freely. Once you think rationally about the whole idea, then you will soon or later find out that many things are wrong in those stories. Their books contain false information and the knowledge level of the holy books is very low. Obviously, They have been written by primitive people in the desert, who knew little about the universe and the planet on which we live. This article might disappoint my subscribers who believe in god, however I think that a bitter truth is better than a sweet illusion.

The final word

If you are a believer and you can sleep good at night without any doubts, that is what everyone dreams of. There should be no conflict between true believers and atheists, because people have right to believe in what makes them feel good. However, believers are responsible to prevent any groups or leaders abusing them and encourage them to fight for spreading their religion. If people do not like paradise you cannot force them to enter it!

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Author: Sar Maroof
Education: Bachelor Science and Applied Science in Physics.
Professional Java webdeveloper as well as several certificates in different branches

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